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2001 Transactions

November 28 signed LB Shane Elam to practice squad
November 27 promoted DT Ron Moore from practice squad; placed LB Antony Jordan on injured reserve
November 20 signed CB Elijah Williams; cut CB Conrad Hamilton
October 22 signed T Chad Overhauser to practice squad; promoted T Dave Kadela from practice squad; cut G Chris Banks
October 17 signed WR Daniel Guy to practice squad
October 16 promoted S Corey Hall from practice squad; cut S Marty Carter
October 2 signed FB George Layne off Kansas City Chiefs practice squad and WR Shawn Mills to practice squad; cut WR Eugene Baker from practice squad; placed RB Jamal Anderson on injured reserve
September 11 signed DT Ron Moore to practice squad; cut TE Jevaris Johnson from practice squad
September 3 signed WR Eugene Baker, S Corey Hall, TE Jevaris Johnson, T Dave Kadela, and TE Dallas Neil to the practice squad
September 2 cut K Jake Arians, WR Eugene Baker, DE Randy Garner, S Corey Hall, FB Kevin McLeod, WR Shawn Mills, DT Ron Moore, TE Dallas Neil, G Wes Shivers, T Paul Snellings, and QB Eric Zeier; reached injury settlements with LB Corey Atkins and CB Elijah Williams; placed LB Jeff Kelly on injured reserve
August 28 announced retirement of LB Jessie Tuggle
August 27 cut DT William Carr, CB Jamara Clark, LB Nick Colbert, RB Gary Downs, CB Ahmad Hawkins, TE Jevaris Johnson, T Dave Kadela, LB Trey Merkens, C Matt O'Neal, and WR Vinny Sutherland
August 20 cut P Matt Allen, G Calvin Collins, and DE Dave Zuiderveen
August 15 signed CB Darrien Gordon; reached injury settlement with G Anthony Redmon
August 13 cut S Jeff Popovich and FB Ronnie Robinson
August 7 signed LB Nick Colbert; reached injury settlement WR Corey Brown
August 2 acquired LB Henri Crockett from Denver Broncos for conditional 7th round pick; cut WR Jammi German
July 27 cut K Chad Holleman and DT Doug Miller; placed WR Mareno Philyaw on non-football injury list
June 20 signed WR Tony Martin and draft pick WR Quentin McCord
June 18 signed draft pick S Corey Hall
May 29 signed draft pick TE Alge Crumpler
May 21 signed draft picks DE Ron Flemons, G Kynan Forney, and C Robert Garza
May 17 signed draft picks DE Randy Garner, LB Matt Stewart, and WR Vinny Sutherland
May 9 signed draft pick QB Michael Vick
May 4 signed rookie TE Jevaris Johnson
May 1 signed RB Travis Jervey
April 27 signed RB Rodney Thomas
April 25 cut QB Kevin Daft
April 24 signed rookies P Matt Allen, WR Corey Brown, CB Jamara Clark, CB Ahmad Hawkins, T Dave Kadela, LB Troy Merkens, WR Shawn Mills, FB Ronnie Robinson, and DE David Zuiderveen
April 20 acquired 1st round pick via trade from San Diego Chargers for a 1st and 3rd round pick in 2001, 2nd round pick in 2002, and WR Tim Dwight
April 16 signed LB Artie Ulmer; re-signed RFA CB Elijah Williams
April 12 signed K Jay Feely
April 6 re-signed RFA T Ephraim Salaam
April 5 re-signed EFAs LB Chris Draft and WR Brian Finneran, RFA WR Jammie German, and UFA TE Brian Kozlowski
March 20 re-signed UFA S Gerald McBurrows
March 13 signed P Chris Mohr
March 6 acquired QB Eric Zeier via trade from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for a 7th round pick in 2001
February 26 cut RB Winslow Oliver
February 21 signed CB Conrad Hamilton; re-signed UFA CB Ray Buchanan
February 7 signed K Chad Holleman and S Jeff Popovich; allocated LB Corey Atkins, K Chad Holleman, FB Kevin McLeod, DT Doug Miller, RB Mark Nohra, WR Mareno Philyaw, and S Jeff Popovich to NFL Europe
January 30 signed S Chris Hudson
January 26 re-signed EFA WR Mareno Philyaw
January 25 signed FB Kevin McLeod, DT Doug Miller, and RB Mark Nohra
January 23 signed T Paul Snellings

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2000 Transactions

December 27 signed K Jake Arians, DT William Carr, QB Kevin Daft, and DT Ron Moore
December 26 re-signed UFA T Bob Whitfield
December 15 promoted WR Mareno Philyaw from practice squad
December 13 signed QB Kevin Daft to practice squad; cut QB Marc Bulger from practice squad; placed WR Jammi German on injured reserve.
December 7 reached injury settlement with LB Marcus Buckley
December 1 signed QB Marc Bulger to practice squad; cut DE Chris White from practice squad
November 16 signed DE Chris White to practice squad
November 14 promoted T Wes Shivers from practice squad; cut DE Chris White
November 8 signed DT Ron Moore to practice squad; cut DE Aaron Fields from practice squad
November 2 signed DT Henry Taylor; placed LB Keith Brooking on injured reserve
October 25 signed LB Antony Jordan; placed LB Jessie Tuggle on injured reserve
October 13 signed WR Mareno Philyaw to practice squad
October 12 reached injury settlement with DE Emil Ekiyor
October 10 signed C Evan Pilgrim; placed T Michael Thompson on injured reserve
September 21 signed DT William Carr to the practice squad
September 19 promoted LB Corey Atkins and DE Chris White from practice squad; placed LB Chris Bordano and DT Shane Dronett on injured reserve
September 6 signed LB Chris Bordano; cut QB Tony Graziani
September 2 extended the contract of C Calvin Collins
August 30 signed K Jake Arians, LB Corey Atkins, DE Aaron Fields, T Wes Shivers, and DE Chris White to the practice squad
August 28 claimed G Chris Banks, CB Terry Cousin, DE Chuck Wiley off waivers; cut G Evan Pilgrim and DE Chris White
August 27 cut K Jake Arians, DT Adriano Belli, CB Michael Booker, S Omar Brown, WR Ronnie Harris, CB Anthony Midget, WR Mareno Philyaw, T Jose Portilla, DE Sam Simmons; acquired a 4th round pick in 2001 and a 7th round pick in 2002 via trade from the Dallas Cowboys for TE O.J. Santiago; placed LB Marcus Buckley, DE Emil Ekiyor, DE Pellom McDaniels, and C Matt O'Neal on injured reserve
August 21 reached injury settlement with LB Jon Hesse
August 19 cut CB Reginald Doster, CB Derrick Gardner, RB Byron Hanspard, DT Ben Huff, LB Whit Marshall, G Everett McIver, DE Doug Miller, TE Rod Monroe, RB Ken Oxendine, FB Jeff Paulk, T Ozell Powell, and G Jamie Wu; placed T Ryan Johanningmeier on injured reserve
August 16 placed LB Brian Smith on reserve/non-football injury list
August 15 cut WR Kamil Loud
August 14 cut S Kerry Cooks
August 8 cut CB Dwayne Stukes and WR Steve Vagedes
July 26 signed TE Nachi Abe to 10-day contract
July 24 signed G Everett McIver; cut G Adam Bernstein
June 30 signed RB Ron Rivers; cut QB Wally Richardson
June 29 signed LB Jon Hesse
June 2 re-signed RFA RB Byron Hanspard
June 1 re-signed RFA LB Henri Crockett
May 24 re-signed RFAs G Calvin Collins and TE O.J. Santiago; cut TE Brian Saxton
May 23 signed draft pick WR Mareno Philyaw; cut WR Chris Calloway
May 16 signed draft picks G Travis Claridge, LB Mark Simoneau, and CB Darrick Vaughn; cut G Adam Hernandez
May 12 signed draft pick T Michael Thompson
May 10 signed draft pick CB Anthony Midget
April 29 re-signed EFAs CB Derrick Gardner, LB Whit Marshall, RB Ken Oxendine, and QB Wally Richardson
April 20 signed WR Kamil Loud
April 18 signed rookie DT Doug Miller; re-signed RFA Tony Graziani
April 17 signed rookies K Jake Arians, DT Adriano Belli, G Ryan Johanningmeier, QB Doug Johnson, P Dallas Neil, C Matt O'Neal, TE Derek Rackley, RB Maurice Smith, CB Dwayne Stukes, WR Steve Vagedes, and G Jaime Wu
March 24 cut K Clay Rush
March 22 signed G Anthony Redmon
March 6 signed LB Marcus Buckley
March 4 re-signed UFA RB Winslow Oliver
February 19 signed UFA DE Brady Smith, formerly of New Orleans Saints
February 18 allocated CB Derrick Gardner, QB Tony Graziani, K Clay Rush, TE Brian Saxton, and LB Brian Smith to NFL Europe
February 14 signed LB Chris Draft; re-signed UFA LB Jessie Tuggle
February 13 signed CB Reginald Doster and K Clay Rush
February 12 signed UFAs CB Ashley Ambrose, formerly of New Orleans Saints, and WR Shawn Jefferson, formerly of New England Patriots
February 10 re-signed UFAs RB Gary Downs and C Evan Pilgrim
February 3 signed TE Brian Saxton
January 26 re-signed UFA of DT Shane Dronett
January 14 signed S Kerry Cooks, T Ozell Powell, and DE Sam Simmons
January 12 signed G Alex Bernstein, DE Emil Ekiyor, WR Brian Finneran, G Adam Hernandez, and LB Brian Smith
January 1 promoted DT Ben Huff from practice squad; placed LB Ruffin Hamilton on injured reserve

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1999 Transactions

December 22 signed QB Wally Richardson; placed QB Danny Kanell on injured reserve
December 13 signed WR Brian Finneran to practice squad; promoted WR Eugene Baker from practice squad; cut WR Bryan Still
November 30 signed CB Derrick Gardner; placed S Marty Carter on injured reserve
November 17 signed WR Bryan Still; cut CB Derrick Gardner
November 2 signed C Evan Pilgrim; signed LB Brian Smith to practice squad; cut CB Keith Thibodeaux; cut LB Lamont Green from practice squad
October 21 signed LB Lamont Green to practice squad
October 20 promoted CB Derrick Gardner from practice squad
October 19 cut LB Lamont Green
October 13 signed DT Ben Huff to practice squad
October 12 promoted LB Lamont Green from practice squad; cut DT Ben Huff
September 28 signed DT Shawn Swayda; cut C Adam Schreiber
September 22 signed RB Winslow Oliver; placed RB Jamal Anderson on injured reserve
September 15 signed DE Emil Ekiyor to practice squad
September 14 promoted WR Jammi German from practice squad; cut DT Shawn Swayda
September 13 extended the contracts of FB Bob Christian, DT Travis Hall, and WR Terance Mathis
September 8 signed G Adam Hernandez to practice squad
September 7 signed WR Eugene Baker, CB Derrick Gardner, WR Jammi German, and LB Lamont Green to the practice squad
September 5 cut WR Eugene Baker, DE Emil Ekiyor, CB Derrick Gardner, WR Jammi German, RB Harold Green, WR Rondel Menendez, T Greg Studdard, and LB Ben Talley; reached injury settlements with CB Randy Fuller and WR Eric Harris
August 30 placed C Todd McClure on injured reserve; cut WR Octavus Barnes, S Chris Bayne, T Cornell Green, LB Lamont Green, DT Bob Kuberski, CB Rod Smith, and WR J.T. Thomas
August 26 cut DE Brett Williams
August 22 cut WR Corey Allen, LB Brendon Ayanbadejo, RB Steve Hookfin, FB Eric Lane, G Ben Nichols, P Mike Panasuk, S Eric Thigpen, and G Kenny Watts
August 11 extended the contract of RB Jamal Anderson
August 10 signed CB Rod Smith and WR J.T. Thomas; placed WR Eric Harris on injured reserve; cut QB Sherdrick Bonner
August 1 placed RB Gary Downs on injured reserve
July 26 signed RB Harold Green
July 8 signed LB Whit Marshall
July 7 signed draft picks WR Eugene Baker and S Johndale Carty
June 28 signed draft pick LB Jeff Kelly
June 25 signed draft picks TE Reggie Kelly, DE Patrick Kerney, C Todd McClure, WR Rondel Menendez, and S Eric Thigpen
June 16 signed draft pick FB Jeff Paulk
June 15 signed P Mike Panasuk
June 6 cut P James Garcia
May 28 re-signed UFA C Adam Schreiber
May 25 re-signed EFAs S Chris Bayne and TE Rod Monroe
May 24 signed rookie T Cornell Green; re-signed RFA LB Ben Talley; cut T John Breeden
April 29 cut TE Ed Smith
April 26 signed DE Emil Ekiyor
April 20 signed UFA Pellom McDaniels, formerly of Kansas City Chiefs
April 19 signed rookies LB Brendon Ayanbadejo, T Octavious Bishop, T John Breeden, P James Garcia, CB Derrick Gardner, LB Lamont Green, RB Steve Hookfin, G Ben Nichols, and G Kenny Watts
March 30 signed UFA G Greg Bishop, formerly of New York Giants; re-signed EFAs T Jose Portilla and TE Ed Smith
March 12 signed UFA S Marty Carter, formerly of Chicago Bears
March 9 re-signed WR Ronnie Harris
March 5 signed DT Ed Jasper and QB Danny Kanell.
March 4 re-signed UFA CB Ronnie Bradford
March 2 signed UFA S Gerald McBurrows, formerly of Saint Louis Rams
February 26 signed WR Chris Calloway and UFA DT Bob Kuberski, formerly of Green Bay Packers; cut WR Tony Martin
February 20 signed WR Corey Allen, LB Schad Freeman, WR Eric Harris, and FB Eric Lane
February 17 cut LB Cornelius Bennett and C Dave Widell
February 12 cut RB Harold Green
February 5 signed WR Octavus Barnes, QB Sherdrick Bonner, DT Ben Huff, T Greg Studdard, CB Keith Thibodeaux, and DE Brett Williams
February 3 made S Chris Bayne, RB Harold Green, TE Ed Smith, LB Ben Talley, and C Dave Widell available to the Expansion Draft

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