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1998 Transactions

December 16 signed DE Brett Williams to practice squad
December 15 promoted TE Rod Monroe from practice squad; place FB Bob Christian on injured reserve.
November 25 signed QB Sherdrick Bonner to practice squad; cut LB Malcolm Hamilton from practice squad
November 23 reached injury settlement with T Nate Miller
November 11 signed WR Ronnie Harris
November 10 placed WR Jammi German on injured reserve
September 30 signed CB Darren Anderson; cut CB Juran Bolden
September 23 signed LB Malcolm Hamilton to practice squad; cut LB Brandon Tolbert from practice squad
September 5 extended the contract of QB Chris Chandler
September 3 reached injury settlement with T Corey Louchiey
September 2 signed LB Brandon Tolbert to practice squad
September 1 signed WR Octavus Barnes, DT Ben Huff, TE Rod Monroe, and T Greg Studdard to practice squad
August 31 signed T Jose Portilla; cut FB Geoff Grenier
August 30 placed T Corey Louchiey on injured reserve; cut DT Ben Huff; reached injury settlement with LB Eddie Sutter
August 29 placed RB Byron Hanspard and T Nate Miller on injured reserve; cut WR Keith Crawford and CB Lenny McGill
August 25 cut WR Corey Allen and TE Brian Saxton
August 24 cut T Scott Adams, K David Akers, T Jeremy Akers, WR Octavus Barnes, QB John Dutton, T Michael Edwards, FB Darren Fisk, CB Kwame Ellis, WR Mercury Hayes, WR Van Johnson, DT Henry Slay, WR Kevin Thornal, S Brad Trout, and S Marcus Wimberly; reached injury settlements with DT William Gaines and DE Barry Mitchell
August 21 cut DT Mark Campbell
August 17 cut LB David Brandon
August 12 signed QB John Dutton; cut QB Brian Brennan
August 4 signed CB Kwame Ellis; cut LB Schad Freeman
July 28 cut DT Nathan Davis
July 25 signed DT Williams Gaines
July 21 signed K David Akers
July 20 cut QB Mark Rypien
July 8 signed draft pick WR Jammi German; cut G Matt Elliott
July 7 cut K David Akers
July 6 signed QB Steve DeBerg
July 2 signed draft pick S Omar Brown
June 29 signed draft pick LB Keith Brooking
June 25 signed draft pick WR Tim Dwight
June 19 signed UFA DE Antonio Edwards, formerly of New York Giants
June 11 signed draft pick CB Elijah Williams; cut DT Jason Evans
June 9 cut LB Kevin Johnson and T Clay Williams
June 3 signed draft picks G Bob Hallen and T Ephraim Salaam; acquired WR Tony Martin via trade from the San Diego Chargers for a 2nd round pick in 1999.
June 1 signed draft pick DT Henry Slay
May 27 signed draft pick RB Ken Oxendine
May 14 signed UFA DT Esera Tuaolo, formerly of Jacksonville Jaguars
May 13 signed UFA C Dave Widell, formerly of Jacksonville Jaguars
April 28 signed rookies LB Kevin Johnson, LB Jody Littleton, and S Brad Trout; re-signed RFA LB Craig Sauer
April 22 signed DT Mark Campbell
April 20 signed rookies WR Corey Allen, WR Octavus Barnes, QB Brian Brennan, T Michael Edwards, DT Jason Evans, FB Darren Fisk, DE Schad Freeman, DT Ben Huff, and T Jose Portilla
April 14 re-signed UFA LB David Brandon
April 7 signed UFA QB Mark Rypien, formerly of Saint Louis Rams
April 3 signed WR Van Johnson and T Clay Williams
April 1 re-signed RFA DE John Burrough, and UFAs CB Lenny McGill and LB Eddie Sutter
March 24 signed DT Shawn Swayda
March 19 signed UFA CB Randy Fuller, formely of Pittsburgh Steelers
March 16 signed UFAs WR Keith Crawford, formerly of Saint Louis Rams, and G Matt Elliott, formerly of the Carolina Panthers
March 13 signed LB Ben Talley; re-signed UFA RB Gary Downs
March 6 signed UFA S Eugene Robinson, formerly of Green Bay Packers
March 5 submitted contract offer to RFA QB Eric Zeier, of the Baltimore Ravens
March 4 re-signed UFA TE Brian Kozlowski
March 2 signed UFA T Corey Louchiey, formerly of the Buffalo Bills
February 28 re-signed UFA RB Harold Green
February 27 signed FB Geoff Grenier
February 20 re-signed UFA DT Shane Dronett
February 19 re-signed UFA T Scott Adams
February 12 signed T Jeremy Akers
February 11 re-signed UFA P Dan Stryzinksi; cut T Antone Davis, C Roman Fortin, WR Michael Haynes, and DE Anthony Pleasant
February 10 re-signed UFA K Morten Andersen

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1997 Transactions

December 8 cut G Scott Davis
December 2 signed TE Brian Saxton; signed K Scott Bentley to practice squad; placed TE Ed West on injured reserve
November 20 promoted TE Ed Smith from practice squad
October 28 signed WR Mercury Hayes and QB Jim Miller; cut WR Freddie Scott and QB Billy Joe Tolliver
October 13 activated G Scott Davis off suspended list
October 7 cut K Scott Bentley
September 24 signed LB Jamal Fountaine; cut S Chris Shelling
September 19 signed T Scott Adams
September 12 placed G Scott Davis on suspended list
September 3 signed CB Lenny McGill; cut CB Donovan Greer
August 28 cut T Ethan Brooks
August 27 signed DT Shane Dronett
August 26 signed CB Donovan Greeer and LB Eddie Sutter; signed T Jeremy Akers, CB Tim Denton, TE Ed Smith, and WR Kevin Thornal to practice squad; cut DE Barry Mitchell and LB Lorenzo Styles
August 24 cut T Jeremy Akers, DT Shannon Brown, FB Geoff Grenier, CB Lenny McGill, CB Anthony Phillips, WR Roell Preston, and TE Ed Smith
August 18 placed FB Fred Lester on injured reserve; cut DE Troy Bailey, WR Tyrone Brown, LB Paschall Davis, CB Tim Denton, WR 'OMar Ellison, LB Jamal Fountaine, RB Richard Huntley, DT Brad Keeney, K David Lauder, G Keith Loneker, QB Tommy Maddox, G Jeff Pahukoa, WR Pearce Pegross, S Terry Ray, DE Jason Simmons, WR Kevin Thornal, and DT Mathias Vavao
August 11 cut CB Derek Grier and P Bill Kushner
August 5 signed UFA C Adam Schreiber, formerly of New York Giants
August 4 cut RB Robert Baldwin, LB Mike Croel, WR Anthony Ladd, and G Todd Perkins
July 28 signed WR 'OMar Ellison
July 17 signed draft pick CB Michael Booker; cut S Sean Boyd
July 14 signed draft picks LB Henri Crockett, DT Nathan Davis, and RB Byron Hanspard
July 12 signed draft pick TE O.J. Santiago; re-signed EFA Freddie Scott
July 11 signed S Terry Ray and S Chris Shelling
June 22 signed draft picks G Calvin Collins, UFA DE Anthony Pleasant, formerly of Baltimore Ravens, and DE Jason Simmons
June 16 signed UFAs G Scott Davis, formerly of New York Giants, and RB Harold Green, formerly of St. Louis Rams, and draft pick S Marcus Wimberly
June 15 cut WR Pete Allen, LB Scott Fields, and DE Todd Kelly
June 11 signed draft pick S Chris Bayne
June 7 signed WR Michael Haynes
May 22 signed LB Mike Croel
April 29 cut T Barry Stokes
April 24 signed rookies T Jeremy Akers, DT Donnie Embra, T Bob Goltra, WR anthony Ladd, DE Barry Mitchell, G Todd Perkins, WR Kevin Thornal, and DT Mathias Vavao
April 21 signed QB Tommy Maddox; extended contract of DT Travis Hall
April 11 signed UFA CB Ronnie Bradford, formerly of Arizona Cardinals, and WR Todd Kinchen
April 1 re-signed UFAs CB Lenny McGill and G Jeff Pahukoa
March 21 signed UFA TE Brian Kozlowski, formerly of New York Giants
March 19 signed UFA RB Gary Downs, formerly of New York Giants; re-signed UFA QB Billy Joe Tolliver
March 17 signed CB Derek Grier; re-signed UFA DE Todd Kelly
March 13 signed UFA S William White, formerly of Kansas City Chiefs; extended contract of T Antone Davis
March 6 signed UFAs FB Bob Christian, formerly of Carolina Panthers, and TE Ed West, formerly of Philadelphia Eagles
March 5 signed LB Paschall Davis
March 3 signed TFA CB Ray Buchanan, formerly of Indianapolis Colts; re-signed UFA DE Lester Archambeau
February 26 re-signed UFA G Gene Williams; cut CB Tim McKyer
February 24 acquired QB Chris Chandler via trade from Houston Oilers for 4th and 6th round picks in 1997
February 19 allocated WR Pete Allen, T Ethan Brooks, DT Brad Keeney, T Nate Miller, C Darius Smith, and T Barry Stokes to World League
January 30 signed T Barry Stokes
January 6 extended contract of LB Jessie Tuggle

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1996 Transactions

December 9 promoted T Nate Miller from practice squad; cut QB Mike Cawley from practice squad; placed CB Juran Bolden on injured reserve
November 16 signed DE Todd Kelly
November 12 cut CB Corey Dowden
November 11 signed CB Corey Dowden
October 28 extended the contract of RB Jamal Anderson
October 22 signed QB Billy Joe Tolliver and QB Mike Cawley to practice squad; cut G Dave Richards
October 21 cut QB Jeff George
October 8 signed DT Jeff Zgonina; cut DT Shane Dronett
September 25 signed RB Robert Baldwin to practice squad
September 24 signed QB Browning Nagle; cut RB Lincoln Coleman and WR Burnell Roques from practice squad
September 22 suspended QB Jeff George
September 17 extended the contract of C Robbie Tobeck
September 16 signed CB Nate Odomes; cut CB D.J. Johnson
September 5 signed T Nate Miller to practice squad
September 4 signed RB Lincoln Coleman; cut T Nate Miller
August 28 signed CB D.J. Johnson; extended the contract of RB Craig Heyward
August 26 signed WR Burnell Roques to practice squad
August 25 cut LB Tracy Hayworth and QB Browning Nagle; reached injury settlement with LB Ruffin Hamilton
August 24 cut CB D.J. Johnson and WR Burnell Roques
August 23 cut QB Perry Klein
August 21 cut DE Pat Riley
August 20 placed LB James Williams on injured reserve
August 19 acquired DE Pat Riley via trade from Chicago Bears for conditional 1997 draft pick; cut RB Lincoln Coleman
August 17 cut WR Demetrius Allen, QB Jim Ballard, LB Gary Bandy, G James Christensen, T Robert Couch, DE Tommy Fagan, DT Jim Hanna, P Greg Ivy, CB Eric Jack, CB Akili Johnson, WR Tyrone Johnson, WR Derrell Mitchell, DT Mike Schlegel, S George Teague, QB Dan White, and LB Rich Yurkiewicz
August 14 cut K Steve McLaughlin
August 12 signed QB Dan White; placed DT Shannon Brown on injured reserve
August 7 re-signed TFA QB Jeff George
August 6 cut CB Robert Lee
August 5 cut WR Mario Henry, WR Ed Howard, and RB Tony Vinson
July 22 signed UFA CB Tim McKyer
July 20 signed DT Jim Hanna; cut CB Ron Davis
July 18 signed QB Jim Ballard; re-signed EFAs RB Jamal Anderson; CB Eric Jack, and C Robbie Tobeck; cut S Alton Montgomery
July 17 signed draft pick DT Shannon Brown; acquired S George Teague via trade from Green Bay Packers for conditional 1997 draft pick.
July 11 re-signed WR Tyrone Brown
June 26 signed draft pick LB Gary Bandy
June 12 re-signed RFAs LB Ron George, TE Mitch Lyons, and CB Darnell Walker
June 7 signed draft pick T Ethan Brooks
June 6 signed draft pick LB Craig Sauer; acquired CB Lenny McGill via trade from Green Bay Packers for RB Robert Baldwin
May 14 re-signed UFA LB Clay Matthews
May 13 re-signed UFA DT Moe Gardner; acquired 1997 5th round pick via trade from Oakland Raiders for G Lincoln Kennedy
May 9 signed UFA LB James Williams, formerly of Jacksonville Jaguars; cut T Ronald Cherry and LB Ken Tippins,
May 8 signed UFA LB Tracy Hayworth, formerly of Detroit Lions
May 2 signed UFAs LB David Brandon, formerly of Seattle Seahawks, and T Antone Davis, formerly of Philadelphia Eagles; acquired T Matt Willig via trade from New York Jets for conditional 7th round pick in 1997
April 30 re-signed UFA WR Terance Mathis
April 28 signed rookie WR Demetrius Allen
April 24 signed rookies P Greg Ivy, WR Burnell Roques, WR Freddie Scott and UFA K Steve McLaughlin, formerly of St. Louis Rams
April 22 signed rookies G James Christensen, T Robert Couch, CB Tim Denton, LB Scott Fields, CB Robert Lee, G Verl Mitchell, DT Mike Schlegel, and DT Trent Zenkewicz
April 19 acquired 1996 4th and 5th round picks via trade from Dallas Cowboys for S Roger Harper
April 18 acquired S Patrick Bates via trade from Oakland Raiders for 1996 2nd round pick
April 9 signed UFA DT Shane Dronett, formerly of Denver Broncos
April 4 re-signed UFA CB Elbert Shelley
March 26 signed UFA DT Dan Owens, formerly of Detroit Lions
March 1 signed UFA LB Cornelius Bennett, formerly of Buffalo Bills
February 27 re-signed UFA DE Chuck Smith
February 26 signed WR Tyrone Johnson
February 21 signed WR Mario Henry
February 20 re-signed UFAs S Brad Edwards, C Roman Fortin, and EFA RB Tony Vinson
February 16 cut DT Jumpy Geathers, S Kevin Ross, and LB Darryl Talley
February 15 re-signed S Alton Montgomery and T Bob Whitfield; placed transition free agent label on QB Jeff George
February 6 signed RB Robert Baldwin
January 30 signed T Ronald Cherry, RB Lincoln Coleman, LB Ruffin Hamilton, and CB Akili Johnson
January 22 signed WR Ed Howard
January 17 signed DE Tommy Fagan, WR Derrell Mitchell, and LB Rich Yurkiewicz

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