Myron Rolle, SS, Florida State

Scouting Reports for the 2010 NFL Draft prospects.
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Myron Rolle, SS, Florida State

Postby Pudge » Tue Jul 28, 2015 5:03 pm

Florida State Senior

PROS: He's a tough, physical tackler that is at home working in the box. He's a thumper that will hit guys and be an enforcer in the secondary. Does a good job tackling, and rarely misses stops in the open field. Has good speed and shows some athleticism to be able to match up in man coverage. Does a nice job coming off the edge as a blitzer.

CONS: Doesn't have great range. And doesn't show good awareness and ball skills when he's working in deep zone. Not that comfortable in man coverage and not as good when his back is toward the ball. Will take some poor angles in run support at times.

OVERVIEW: Rolle is a fairly one-dimensional safety that is very good against the run, but is lacking in pass defense. Took a year off to pursue a Rhodes Scholarship in England.

NFL FORECAST: You could compare Rolle to William Moore in that they looked overmatched in coverage at various times. But they are very good versus the run. I'm not sure Rolle has the same level of ball skills that Moore has, so he's probably a bit more one-dimensional. But Rolle can find a home as a strong safety, and if he can improve his awareness and instincts when working in coverage, he'll be fine as a starter. I doubt at any point during his career he'll be termed good in coverage, but if he's adequate and is able to bring his same ability to run support that he showed at Florida State, then he can be a solid starter. I think he can be a good pro, but not a great pro. He'll be best serving for a team that likes to move its safety up in the box and defend the run. I think he could struggle his first year or two in the league as he improves in coverage, but he's smart enough to think he should eventually get it and be a capable starter.

ATL FORECAST: There really isn't much of a role for Rolle because of the presence of Moore here in Atlanta. They bring much of the same things to the table, except Moore has better range. So ROlle would just be a backup here in Atlanta.

VALUE: For a team looking for a run-stopping safety, he could be a nice mid-to-late second round pick. But probably would be better served going in the third round.

1-poor, 2-weak, 3-above average, 4-very good, 5-elite

SPEED: 3.0
RANGE: 2.5

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