Antonio Brown, WR, Central Michigan

Scouting Reports for the 2010 NFL Draft prospects.
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Antonio Brown, WR, Central Michigan

Postby Pudge » Tue Jul 28, 2015 5:02 pm

Central Michigan Junior

PROS: Has excellent speed and burst. He's a guy that can stretch defenses downfield and is dangerous runner after the catch because of his speed and shiftiness. He's best on screens and slants. Has nice hands and can adjust to the ball. Shows good vision and big play ability on kickoffs.

CONS: Will body catch at times and tends to dance too much after the catch. Sometimes that occurs because he seems tentative about contact.

OVERVIEW: He was basically the Percy Harvin of the Mid-American Conference last year. I've seen Brown run hard after the catch, and other times seem like he was fleeing desperately to avoid a hit.

NFL FORECAST: Brown needs to play tougher. If he does then I think he can eventually contribute as a slot receiver for some team. But he's not going to be a steady playmaker. Instead, he'll be a guy that teams mix in occasionally to either stretch the defense or work on a screen. But he has speed to burn. And while I'm not confident he'll be a consistent weapon in the passing game, a good offensive coordinator will definitely find opportunities for him on offense. He'll definitely contribute as a kickoff returner and is a threat to take it back every time. I think he can be a Dante Hall-type of player. And while most only remember Hall for his return contributions, people forget that he did average almost 30 catches a season during a 5-year span in Kansas City's wide-open attack. I think Brown can be the same.

ATL FORECAST: Brown would fill the same niche as Eric Weems. But Brown is probably a better long-term option offensively if based on nothing besides probably be a bit faster and bigger than Weems. But Weems is probably a better blocker and definitely likely to be a better option on special teams coverage. Brown could win a job however if he can land the return duties right off the bat. But it's doubtful Brown has the offensive upside to surpass either Douglas or Jenkins on the roster, so he'd likely be stuck being the No. 4 guy here long-term.

VALUE: For a team looking for a slot option that can return kicks, Brown would make a nice fourth or fifth round pick.

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