Derrell Johnson-Koulianos, WR, Iowa

Scouting reports of the wide receivers in the 2011 Draft.
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Derrell Johnson-Koulianos, WR, Iowa

Postby Pudge » Sat Apr 09, 2011 10:40 pm

Iowa Senior
40: 4.50


Has good hands and shows nice concentration. Can make the diving grab over the middle or along the sideline, showing he can adjust to the errant throw. Shows nice speed and burst and works well on slants and crossing routes. Gets a nice release off the line and can accelerate into his route. Is a willing blocker that can get after corners and get position on the edge. Contributes on kickoff returns with some wiggle.


Doesn't really have the burner speed to run by corners and may have trouble separating at the next level. Lacks that sudden burst. Doesn't show the ability to time his jump well on the deep ball to make the play. Has some character questions.


"DJK" as he's nicknamed is a good receiver that doesn't wow you with his size or speed, but is tough, has enough of both and always seems to be in a position to make plays. The off-field incident after the season is the really only major negative against him. He finished his career as Iowa's all-time leading receiver with consistent production all four years, but really showed his playmaking ability as a senior where he had 10 touchdowns after 7 career ones through his first three seasons. Finished career with 173 catches for 2616 yards (15.1 avg) and 17 touchdowns. Also averaged 26.3 yards on 60 career kickoffs with 2 more scores. After the season, he was arrested on drug charges, for multiple counts of marijuana, cocaine, and prescription drug possession and for keeping a drug house, where he and another person were said to keep drugs (but not necessarily deal them). He also tested positive for marijuana and cocaine. All but the misdemeanor possession charges were dropped and he got a year's probation with a $315 fine. If he keeps his nose clean, his record could be expunged before the season even starts.


DJK was invited to the NFLPA Texas vs. Nation, and most of the reports indicated he was very open up about the incident, which got NFL scouts back on his side. You have to be weary about the issue going forward, but it seems like it's not a huge obstacle that can't be overcome. Had he not been busted, he would potentially be looked at as a No. 2 receiver at the next level. He could still be looked at in the same light. His playing style and his issues remind me of T.J. Houshmandzadeh a bit. His draft stock fell because he wasn't the biggest or fastest guy either and also had some off-field questions with him. But he turned into a good starting and complementary receiver. The same I think can be said ofr DJK potentially down the road. He is not going to be a No. 1 target like he was at Iowa, but he can be a guy that can be a good complement, that can move the chains, and provide a big play every now and then. He plays sort of like Roddy White, but doesn't have Roddy's speed. But has a similar blue-collar work ethic. He'll probably wind up being a capable No. 3 receiver that is capable of giving a team 40-50 catches and working as a role player. But he does have the potential for more, if he can polish up his game and keep his nose clean. Across from a dynamic No. 1 like Housh had with Chad Johnson early, he can be a guy that can give you 70-80 catches a year. At the very least he can add depth, contribute on special teams and should be comfortable with being a capable No. 3 receiver.


DJK could be a nice complement to Roddy. Similar to Roddy he brings many of the same tools and skills to the table. He's not a guy that is going to make many plays down the field, but can work the short field in the Falcons offense. He's a good enough blocker to play on the outside, but he's probably a better option working in the slot where his size, toughness, and speed will probably be a little more effective. He can be a good third option in the Falcon offense with the potential to be a more reliable option than Jenkins down the road. He's not going to come in right away and be a starter, but could push Douglas for the No. 3 job immediately. Most likely, he'll work his way on the bench and up the depth chart. By his third year, he should be firmly entrenched as at least the No. 3 receiver if not the starter opposite Roddy. He won't be ideal in that role, but can be effective if he polishes his route-running. He doesn't have long speed to be an upgrade over Weems on kickoffs, but similarly can be a guy that can consistently get you 25 yards a pop. He has traits to be a poor man's Roddy White and a good fit in Atlanta, the main question would be if the Falcons brass can overlook the character issues.


Without any off-field issues, he is a solid third round prospect. The character issues might merit dropping him a round or two. But any later than that and he's potentially a big-time steal.

1-poor, 2-weak, 3-above average, 4-very good, 5-elite

Speed: 3.0
Hands: 3.5
After Catch: 3.0
Body Control: 3.0
Range: 3.5
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