Damien Berry, RB, Miami FL

Scouting reports of the running backs and fullbacks in the 2011 Draft.
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Damien Berry, RB, Miami FL

Postby Pudge » Sat Apr 09, 2011 3:02 pm

Miami FL Senior
40: 4.63


Is patient and waits for his blocks. Does a good job running between the tackles with good straight-line speed and burst. Shows good pad level and does a nice job squaring his shoulders and running downhill with some authority. Able to deliver blow to the defender on the second level and can get yards after contact. Has a nice stiff arm. Shows some ability as an outlet receiver in the flat.


Lacks ideal speed and burst. Has to slow his feet to make his cuts and lacks the sudden burst out of them. Doesn't change direction well or run with good balance. Doesn't show good vision and won't create if the hole isn't there, running into his blocks waiting for things to develop. Probably needs to get thicker in the lower body. Will body catch as a receiver.


Berry is a decent runner that flashes the sort of power and ability as a north-south runner between the tackles. But there isn't a lot of burst, quickness, or vision to his game. He did a nice job as the Hurricanes lead back this past year, rushing for 899 yards on 190 carries (4.7 avg) and 5 touchdowns with 10 receptions. Last year, he was the third stringer behind Graig Cooper and Javarris James, although he surpassed James in the second half of the season. He played mostly special teams his first two seasons after starting career at safety.


If Berry got a bit bigger and stronger, I would like his chances as a complementary back behind a speed back. He's decent between the tackles, and if he was to be in the 220-225 pound range, he could be a decent workhorse and add some depth. But overall, there isn't a lot to like about his game. He just doesn't seem to be a natural runner, and his lack of long speed and burst really hurt him. The fact that he contributes minimally in the passing game also doesn't help him. If he can produce on special teams, he stands a chance of landing a reserve spot as a No. 3 guy. But I don't see him moving up the depth chart beyond that because of his lacking value in the passing game. While he can contribute as a short-yardage back on some teams, he lacks the vision and burst to really think he can excel there. Definitely not at a level where he serves in that role for multiple seasons. He's the type of player that if a team is in a pinch for depth, they can pick him up and he might be able to contribute 3-5 carries off the bench. But unless he plays behind a really solid offensive line, I don't see him being anything more than an average backup RB.


Berry can add depth to the Falcons roster, but is more in line with emergency depth as a No. 3 in the case of injury rather than someone that you keep on the roster all year long. He has the potential to be a runner as good as Snelling, but lacks Sneling's value and upside in the passing game. If he can improve in pass protection, he might be a serviceable stopgap No. 2 for a team. But that's probably several years away and until then he doesn't do much for the Falcons.


Berry isn't worth drafting, but some team should give him a shot in camp and see if he can surprise and produce on special teams.

1-poor, 2-weak, 3-above average, 4-very good, 5-elite

Speed: 2.5
Power: 3.5
Agility: 2.0
Vision: 2.0
Hands: 2.0
Blocking: 2.0
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