Jordan Todman, RB, Connecticut

Scouting reports of the running backs and fullbacks in the 2011 Draft.
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Jordan Todman, RB, Connecticut

Postby OGDraft » Sun Mar 06, 2011 7:50 pm

Height: 5’9
Weight: 203
College: Connecticut
40 Time: 4.40
Class: Junior
Projected: 5th Round


2010 – 334 rushes, 1695 yards, 5.1 avg, 14 TD’s, 19 catches, 94 yards
2009 – 235 rushes, 1188 yards, 5.1 avg, 14 TD’s, 21 catches, 185 yards
2008 – 47 rushes, 296 yards, 6.3 avg, 3 TD’s, 2 catches, 4 yards


Jordan Todman has outstanding production and was named the Big East offensive player of the year this past season. However, on tape, he doesn’t really stand out to me. He’s fast, as evidenced by his 4.4 time, but he is a tentative runner and he often gets brought down by arm tackles. I can’t see him being anything more than a change of pace back in the NFL.

Scouting Report:


- Nice size and bulk
- Very productive
- Great speed
- Has the 2nd gear to turn the corner and pull away from defenders
- Good burst
- Nice footwork
- Shifty in the open field
- Patient and sets up his blocks well
- Capable receiver out of the back field
- Has experience as a kick returner
- Versatile
- Hard worker


- Relatively inexperienced, was recruited to play CB
- Lower body is thin despite the weight he put on
- Struggles to break tackles
- Legs go dead on contact
- Very tentative in the back field and doesn’t hit the hole hard
- Dances around too much
- Tries to bounce things outside too often
- Vision is average at best
- Poor inside runner
- Received a lot of carries Junior season, could be worn down
- Drops passes on occasion
- Blocking needs work
- May not be more than a change of pace back

1-poor, 2-weak, 3-above average, 4-very good, 5-elite

Speed: 4.0
Power: 1.0
Agility: 3.5
Vision: 2.5
Hands: 3.0
Blocking: 2.0
Pro Potential: 2.5
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Re: Jordan Todman, RB, Connecticut

Postby Pudge » Thu Mar 24, 2011 12:17 pm

Connecticut Junior
40: 4.40


Has good speed and quickness. Does a nice job getting to the corner. Has good burst to the hole and has the ability to make defenders miss at the second level. Has quick feet and good lateral quickness to sidestep defenders. Is patient and waits for his blocks. Can locate cutback lanes on the second level and shows good vision. Manages to sneak through creases due to his burst and can filter through traffic. Runs low with good pad level. Has a nice stiff arm and will keep his feet moving after contact. Has good hands and does a nice job on screens and throws in the flat. Shows ability to cut a blitzer off the edge in pass protection.


Lacks size and probably needs to get bigger in the lower body. He lacks power and won't break anything other than arm tackles. Struggles in short-yardage. Is not a blazer. Misses too many assignments in pass protection.


Todman is more quick than fast, but you like his vision, burst, footwork, and instincsts as a runner. He's not very big, and doesn't really show the ability to be a feature back at the next level, but projects well as a good third down runner and No. 2 back. Todman was a workhorse for UConn this past year and was practically their entire offense. He finished the year with 334 carries for 1695 yards (5.1 avg), 14 touchdowns, and 19 receptions. He missed 1 game due to elbow injury. He split carries with Andre Dixon as a sophomore, rushing for 1188 yards on 235 carries (5.1 avg), 14 touchdowns, and 21 receptions. He was the backup to Donald Brown as a freshman, and had 47 carries for 296 yards (6.3 avg), 3 touchdowns, and 2 receptions. He also returned kicks during his time at UConn, with 37 career returns for an averae of 25.0 yards and 1 touchdown.


Todman projects well as a reserve at the next level. While he got a large workload during his last year in college, I don't think he really has the size and frame to hold up at the next level for 16 games as a go-to rusher. But he can be a guy that you can get 10-15 touches from per game. In the right offense, he can be a lead back. But that will be a pass-heavy offense. He needs to improve in pass protection, but shows potential there to think by his second year he should be trusted on third downs if he works at it. He's a good receiver that can be good on screens and checkdowns. He has the speed to hit the homerun, but he's not a guy that is going to be a pure burner at the next level. He'll be better splitting carries with a more physical runner that can eat his carries on short-yardage and the goalline. He's decent between the tackles because he's quick and has good vision, but he's a guy that is best when he's running outside the tackles. And that's the main reason why I don't think he'll be a lead back in most schemes. But he should be a productive NFL player. At the least, he'll be a solid No. 2 like Maurice Morris. At his best, he can be a player comparable to Pierre Thomas for the Saints. But like Thomas, I don't think he'll have the durability as a No. 1 back to be reliable for 16 weeks every year.


Todman is a good fit to play behind Turner as the teams potential third down back. Because of his quickness and potential to generate homerun plays he would be a good No. 2. He has potential to be a third down back, but is not polished enough in pass protection to think he'd push Snelling right away. But by the end of the season, he should be getting more reps there. As a rookie, he can be a guy that can get 3-5 touches per game, and also potentially contribute on special teams. His real value is in Year 2 and beyond where he can start to take a bigger role on third downs. He is not a guy that is going to be more than a 5-10 carry guy in MUlarkey's offense. But he could be a nice complementary threat on his few reps.


For a team looking for a solid No. 2 running back, he merits a third round pick.

1-poor, 2-weak, 3-above average, 4-very good, 5-elite

Speed: 3.5
Power: 2.0
Agility: 3.5
Vision: 3.5
Hands: 3.5
Blocking: 2.0
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