Jah Reid, OT, Central Florida

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Jah Reid, OT, Central Florida

Postby Pudge » Thu Jan 27, 2011 3:05 pm

Central Florida Senior
40: 5.40 (estimated)


Has a tall, long-armed frame that carries his 325 pounds like he's 310 pounds, so he could probably easily put on another 15 pounds of muscle. Sets up fairly well in pass protection and initiates contact on the edge. Shows nice feet and can adjust in space. Comes off the snap low, can bend his knees and deliver blow at the point of attack as a run blocker. Has good leg drive and flashes potential as a run blocker.Can get to the second level with decent athleticism. Shows some potential as a cut blocker. Plays with mean streak, always looking for someone to block and does a good job finishing his blocks.


Lacks ideal pop off the snap and will take a false step there. Can be slow reacting to the snap, and doesn't have the ability to win consistently in a short area. Needs to improve his hand placement to lock on as linebackers can too easily shed him at the point of attack. Bends waist too much and height can be an issue as he can overextend and lose his balance. Misses too many assignments when blocking on the second level and when being asked to pull. Will whiff on the kick out block out in space because of him not being natural there. Gives up too much ground in pass protection and lacks a good punch on the edge. Doesn't stay square and slides his feet too much.


Reid is a player I liked more and more I saw him, and I liked the fact that he was not dominated by Justin Houston in UCF's bowl win over Georgia. Houston was really not a major factor in that game, and he's supposed to be a first round pick. Reid looks the part as an NFL right tackle, just needs more polish. A four-year starter at right tackle that wound up with 41 career starts.


I think Reid can become a starter down the road in the same sort of manner that guys like Dahl and Clabo eventually developed. I think he's probably three or four years away, and even if he does live up to his potential, he's not going to be more than an above average starter. But I think he's a guy that if he can improve his hand use and polish up his footwork, he should hold up well on the outside. With his long arms, a bit more bulk, he could give defenders fits in pass protection, and his mean streak and size can make him an effective run blocker down the road. He needs polish, but watching him play makes me think it's not a ton of polish. I think in the mean time, he has enough athleticism that he can be adequate swing tackle, although if he was forced to start for extended periods at left tackle he'd be in trouble. I think he can ultimately be a right tackle like Clabo that won't dominate anyone, but will compete and be solid over the long haul.


Reid could definitely compete for a reserve spot in Atlanta, and is the type of lineman that I think Boudreau would be attracted too. He could give Svitek a run for his money as a swing tackle, but he's probably needs like at least two years of development, either as a reserve or practice squad guy before he can really be trusted as a regular. More than likely, he'll be a reserve here in Atlanta since he won't be as good as Clabo, but would be solid in that role.


For a team looking for a developmental right tackle, he's probably worth a sixth or seventh round pick.

1-poor, 2-weak, 3-above average, 4-very good, 5-elite

Strength: 3.0
Pass Blocking: 2.0
Run Blocking: 2.5
Footwork: 2.5
Technique: 2.5
Mobility: 2.5
Mean Streak: 4.0
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