Falcons should pursue Boerigter?

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Falcons should pursue Boerigter?

Postby Pudge » Thu Mar 17, 2005 3:08 am

Marc Boerigter is a 6-3/223 WR for the Chiefs. He missed all of 2004 with a knee injury, and he probably won't be 100% until late in the summer, if not later.

But he's tendered at the lowest level and since he was undrafted, the Falcons owe no compensation to the Chiefs if he is signed.

Since he is coming off injury and the Chiefs are expected to add a significant draft pick at WR, they may not be willing to match an offer.

I say this because Boerigter is a big wideout in the mold of Finneran. He's a good redzone threat obvious from the fact he had 8 TDs in 2003, despite only having 20 total catches. He's also a good ST player, having 18 career tackles. So he would be an upgrade over Jimmy Farris since he's much more of an offensive threat.

Would Boerigter significantly upgrade the WR position? Probably not. He's just a guy that is a pretty decent No. 3 prospect. Until his injury, he looked like a guy that could have developed into a quality No. 2 guy, but with the injury, I'm not sure if he's still on that path.

But at the least, he boosts our size at the position, improves depth, and has some upside. It still doesn't mean the Falcons should not draft a WR in April, but it would definitely improve competition if Boerigter is 100% by training camp. And if not, we'll put him on the PUP and hope he can contribute in November and beyond.
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Postby Bart-B4-Vick » Thu Mar 17, 2005 9:01 pm

I don't know much at all about the guy but, I do know that Mora has said that Farris (shouldn't really even be on the team other than his tenasity(sp) as a special teams player.) Mora likes the guy's "heart" and has felt that was the kind of attitude he wanted to instill in the Falcons.

I say if you can sign a potental upgrade at any position right now then have at it. Put 'em on the field and let them convince the staff they deserve that roster spot.

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