Salt the movie a review of it

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Salt the movie a review of it

Postby thescout » Thu Jul 22, 2010 11:07 pm

Anyone going to see this movie? I've heard 2/12 out of 4 stars to now these reviews that are favorable. I'm going tomorrow will let yall know if it's any good.


We can almost imagine the Hollywood pitch. "Angelina runs, jumps, and kicks tail for 90 minutes. Oh, and maybe she's a Russian spy. Period." Yes, the screen stunts are ridiculous, but most critics feel that Angelina pulls it off.

Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times gives the movie his highest rating, calling "Salt" "a damn fine thriller." Of the film's titular star, he writes, "she throws herself into it (the role) with animal energy. Somehow, improbably, she doesn't come off as a superhero (although her immunity suggests one), but as a brave and determined fighter."

Entertainment Weekly's Owen Gleiberman is on the same wavelength. He gives the movie a "B," and writes that while the movie is "flagrantly preposterous and over-the-top -- impossible to buy on any sober, adult level," it still works. "To call it out for being ludicrous," he writes, "would be like complaining that Superman flies."

Kirk Honeycutt of the Hollywood Reporter is similarly impressed. Calling Ms. Jolie "the only female action star in Hollywood," he writes that "Salt" is "a better Bond movie than most recent Bond movies, as its makers keep the stunts real and severely limit CGI gimmickry."

Peter Travers of Rolling Stone gives the movie three out of four stars, but like his fellow critics, he does go out of his way to note just how insanely improbable the stunts are. "Suspend disbelief, all who enter here," he writes.

But there are those who, try as they might, can't recommend the movie. USA Today's Claudia Puig throws some salt in Angelina's game, giving her flick just two out of four stars. "The film has its tense moments," she writes, "but instead of dazzle, there's a workmanlike quality to the action sequences."

Wesley Morris of the Boston Globe gives "Salt" identical marks. He writes: "So much of its fights and chases share a generic sameness both in their sloppy construction and where they're situated."
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Re: Salt the movie a review of it

Postby Pudge » Thu Jul 22, 2010 11:33 pm

I don't plan on seeing it. Originally this was supposed to be a Tom Cruise movie, and he turned it down. Rightly so because it is just like a million movies he's already made: Mission Impossible 3, Minority Report. Not to mention a bunch of others: The Sentinel, Most Wanted/Shooter, the Fugitive.

Unless someone can tell me the action is worth watching, then this movie doesn't appear to bring anything new to the table other than having an endless amount of Angelina Jolie wigs.
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