Matt Tennant, OC, Boston College

Scouting reports of offensive tackles, guards, and centers in the 2010 draft.
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Matt Tennant, OC, Boston College

Postby Pudge » Thu Apr 08, 2010 1:32 am

Boston College Senior
40: 5.15

PROS: Is a nice athlete that does a nice job pulling and getting out on the second level to get the seal. Moves well in space. Has nice footwork and technique when working in pass protection. Shows ability to adjsut in space to the stunt. Gets off snap quickly and gets position as a run blocker. Shows scrappiness and mean streak as a blocker. Does a nice job working out on the shotgun.
CONS: Lacks strength and can get bull rushed. Less effective when asked to block on an island for those reasons. Doesn't get his hands up quickly as you want. Needs to do a better job locking on to defender. Not as effective when he's covered up. Some of his snaps in the shotgun can be off. Needs work as a cut blocker. Won't get much push as a run blocker. Will whiff and miss on some assignments when blocking on the second level.
OVERVIEW: Comes from a school that produces solid NFL linemen, but not quite as good as some past guys. A three-year starter that logged 41 straight starts at the pivot.
NFL FORECAST: You could compare him with Dan Koppen, but I'm not as sure he's as physical or strong as Koppen. And I think for that reason he'll be best working in the NFC away from all those 3-4 nose tackles. Just seems like a guy that will get overwhelmed when he's facing a 320-pounder. He can improve there, and with a few years to add some strength and polish up his technique a bit more, I think he can be effective. But he's not a pile mover. He's more a finesse center that has a good frame to fill out. He puts on another 10 pounds of muscle, and I'll like his chances more. I see Tennant being a good NFL center, although I'm not sure he'll be a top NFL center. But he should have a nice productive NFL career and be a step or so below a guy like a Nick Hardwick in the Scott Wells range.
ATL FORECAST: Tennant could stick in Atlanta because he has more potential to play well against bigger guys because of his bigger frame than McClure. He's smart enough that he could be able to start as soon as 2011. But he's probably a guy that should get two years to sit to get bigger and stronger and work out the kinks in his game. He can be a fixture in Atlanta that can anchor a solid line for years to come just like McClure has been for the past decade.
VALUE: He's a middle round guy that should be a nice pickup for some team in the mid-to-late part of the fourth round.

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