Brandon Sharpe, DE, Texas Tech

Scouting reports of defensive ends in the 2010 draft.
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Brandon Sharpe, DE, Texas Tech

Postby Pudge » Mon Mar 22, 2010 10:34 am

Texas Tech Senior
40: 4.71 (Campus)

PROS: Has a nice first step and flashes ability as an edge rusher. Shows a quick inside swim move to beat blocker. Has good closing burst on the quarterback.
CONS: Gets pushed back at the point of attack and can be driven downfield by blockers. Hasn't quite learned how to dip the shoulder in order to consistently turn the corner.
OVERVIEW: A former JUCO transfer that played sparingly before this year. But had a nice breakout campaign with 36 tackles, 18 for loss, and 15 sacks. Also had 5 pass breakups, 3 forced fumbles, and 2 recoveries.
NFL FORECAST: Sharpe shows good speed as an edge rusher, but I'm not sure he has the frame and strength to hold up as a starter at the next level. He can contribute as a situational pass rusher at end, but he isn't going to be as effective there as he was this past year. He needs to improve his technique. His upside is greater at linebacker, but he probably should be considered a project there since he doesn't have a lot of experience. I'm not sure at which position it will be, but I think he can stick in the pros because guys that are as productive a pass rusher as he was his senior year don't often go by the wayside. It'll just largely depend on the patience of the coaching staff. Do they want to wait on him as a linebacker in the 3-4 scheme where he may only be able to impact special teams for the first two or three years of his career. Or do they try to get him on the field immediately as an end, but knowing that he probably won't be more than a rotational player?
ATL FORECAST: Sharpe could definitely contribute to the Falcons rotation. He reminds me quite a bit of Lawrence Sidbury. Like Sidbury, I think he wouldn't do much as a rookie, but give him a year or two to add muscle and hone his technique, then he'll be able to contribute off the bench in years two and three. I don't see him having the upside to be a starter because I think he's too limited as a run stopper. But if he could manage to stick on the practice squad initially, he could become a decent third or fourth end by his third or four season.
VALUE: Sharpe is a nice late round pick, that because of his tweener status I'd question if a team took him before the sixth round.
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