Jim Dray, TE, Stanford

Scouting reports of tight ends in the 2010 draft.
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Jim Dray, TE, Stanford

Postby Pudge » Sun Mar 21, 2010 9:02 pm

Stanford Senior
40: 4.82 (Campus)

PROS: Shows decent hands and can make the catch in traffic because he uses his body well to shield defender. Is a capable blocker out in space and working as an H-back. Shows ability as a lead blocker, able to get out and get seal on linebacker or defensive back on second level. Shows decent speed and athleticism, and shows some wiggle after the catch. Hard to bring down because of his size well.
CONS: Needs to improve his hands and concentration as he body catches a bit too much. Lacks pop and less effective when used as an inline blocker. Doesn't have the speed to stretch defenses. Doesn't have the burst and ability to get good separation.
OVERVIEW: Despite his size, he's more effective as a H-back than inline blocker. Suffered major injury to his left knee midway through sophomore year, missing 6 games that year and the first 3 of the next year. He tore 3 ligaments (ACL, PCL, and LCL) and hamstring, and some more stuff that I have no clue what they are in his knee. Best season came as a freshman, where he had 19 catches for 178 yards and 1 touchdown. As a senior, he had 11 catches for 149 yards and 3 touchdowns.
NFL FORECAST: You got to give him credit for coming back from a major knee injury, and obviously doctors are going to have to check it out to see if there is lingering issues. But given he was able to bounce back with a nice senior year implies that it should be okay. He's going to have to bulk up some more and get stronger if he wants to be an inline tight end. He just isn't nearly as good or capable there as he is when he lines up at H-back. And ultimately I think he'll be used as an H-back in the pros and play a role like Jeff Dugan in Minnesota. And that's the type of player he will have to become. In the right offense, one that likes to use it's second tight end as a H-back more often than not, he can be a nice role player. But his offensive upside is no better than Dugan, who has never had more than 8 catches in a season. He'll have to improve as an inline blocker as he'll be asked mainly to be a blocker, and not a receiver on the next level.
ATL FORECAST: He could push for playing time, but assuming the Falcons find a receiving tight end to replace Gonzalez down the road, they will want more of an inline blocker to play opposite him. And right now, Keith Zinger is a much better option there than Dray probably ever will be down the road. But the team has made use of H-backs quite a bit in Mularkey's offense, so there is a chance he could stick as the No. 3 guy down the road. But he'd be a practice squad player this year that would probably have to hope that either Peelle or Gonzalez are gone after this season to stick in 2011.
VALUE: For a team looking for a Jeff Dugan-type as a No. 2 tight end, they might snag him in the seventh round. But otherwise, he's an undrafted free agent.
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