Chris Brown, RB, Oklahoma

Scouting reports of running backs and fullbacks in the 2010 draft.
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Chris Brown, RB, Oklahoma

Postby Pudge » Tue Mar 16, 2010 11:13 pm

Chris Brown
Oklahoma Senior

PROS: Has good speed, quickness and vision. Has nice burst through the hole. Can be dangerous and elusive in space. Can make defenders miss on the second level. Shows a nice stiff arm and spin move. Has nice footwork and is patient with good balance. Runs low, and will duck under defenders that tackle high and take bad angles. Small stature allows him to sneak and squeeze through holes. Has nice hands and works well on screens. Shows nice power for his size, keeping his feet moving after contact.
CONS: Lacks ideal size and won't break many tackles. Doesn't do well in short-yardage. Tends to try and bounce things outside and can lose yards. Needs to do a better job taking what is given.
OVERVIEW: Was a productive back that lived in the shadow of DeMarco Murray, despite outrushing him the past two seasons. Was most productive as a junior where he had 1220 yards, average 5.6 yard per carry and had 20 touchdowns. But production dipped this past year probably due to injury to Sam Bradford and the passing game being less formidable. But still rushed for 749 yards, averaged 4.1 yards per carry, and had 7 touchdowns.
NFL FORECAST: Brown is the classic fit as a third down back. I don't think he could be a feature back at any point in his career, as I would compare him to Maurice Morris. He has bulked up this off-season, as he was listed at 200 pounds during the season, so that might help him. But he doesn't have the running style that applies well to be an every down back that can run between the tackles. But he shoudl at least be more durable now. However his best asset is his ability to make plays on the second level. He's not a burner, but is quick and shows the elusiveness to make big plays. He's a guy that will probably never get more than 80-100 carries in a season unless there's an injury. He can be a nice complementary back that would work on third downs, but won't be a featured part of the offense.
ATL FORECAST: Brown could come in and be a nice replacement for Norwood. Don't think he's a good enough blocker at this point to think he can win the third down role as a rookie. But he has some skills as a runner that make you like his chances there more than Norwood. I think he can be more durable option than Norwood, although he's not quite the lightning in a bottle that Norwood is. But should be more reliable. But by his second year, he should have a nice handle on the third down role and be a nice complementary option behind Turner. But he's not really an option going forward to be a significant part of the Falcons offense. Just a guy that can get 5-8 carries each week and be a nice outlet receiver for Ryan on checkdowns.
VALUE: Brown is a nice mid-round pick that a team looking for a third down back could take in the fourth round.

1-poor, 2-weak, 3-above average, 4-very good, 5-elite

SPEED: 4.0
POWER: 2.0
HANDS: 3.0
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