Ed Dickson, TE, Oregon

Scouting reports of tight ends in the 2010 draft.
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Ed Dickson, TE, Oregon

Postby Pudge » Sun Mar 14, 2010 5:45 pm

Ed Dickson
Oregon Senior

PROS: Has good speed and a smooth runner that challenge the vertical seam downfield. Tracks the deep ball well. Gets a nice release off the line. Has nice hands and attacks the ball in the air. Is a good blocker that does his best working in space. Gets position and does a nice job blocking on the second level. Is an effective inline blocker that plays with pop, gets position, and can seal the edge.
CONS: Lacks strength to push defenders off the ball as a blocker. Doesn't consistently lock on there. And not as effective when facing defensive linemen, as he is vs. linebackers as a blocker.
OVERVIEW: There really isn't a flaw in his game. He's a good receiver, and capable blocker, but excels at neither. Was their second-leading receiver for three straight years as a starter, but never really seemed to be featured in their offense. Finished career wiht 124 catches and 12 touchdowns. Also played as a reserve defensive lineman as a freshman.
NFL FORECAST: Dickson is one of those players that falls through the cracks. Teams recognize his talent, but he doesn't wow you at any point so they don't notice you as much. But he's a good player that should make a solid pro. He reminds me of Randy McMichael in that he's an underrated blocker because of his lack of size, and once he bulks up to 255 or so, then it's not going to be an issue. He works best as an H-back, working in space, but he should be fine as an inline blocker. He won't be a go-to threat in the passing game, but he can be a nice complementary option for an offense much like McMichael was for most of his career. He can give you 40+ catches a year, but probably won't have the sort of ability and production to be a Pro Bowler on a yearly basis.
ATL FORECAST: Dickson would be a nice option to replace Gonzalez in a year or two. While his blocking isn't to a point, nor will be to a point where he could contribute immediately for the Falcons as the No. 2 tight end, when he eventually replaces Gonzalez in a year or two, he shoudl be an upgrade over him. And he won't be as good a receiver or danger to opposing defenses like Gonzo, but will be a productive player that can give Ryan a reliable outlet option in the passing game and on third downs.
VALUE: Dickson is good enough to merit a late second round pick, but probably is more in line with talent in the early part of the third.

1-poor, 2-weak, 3-above average, 4-very good, 5-elite

SPEED: 3.5
HANDS: 4.0
RANGE: 4.0
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