Crezdon Butler, CB, Clemson

Scouting reports of cornerbacks in the 2010 draft.
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Crezdon Butler, CB, Clemson

Postby Pudge » Sat Mar 13, 2010 12:58 am

Crezdon Butler
Clemson Senior

PROS: Can play in press coverage. Does a nice job keeping things in front of him. Shows some awareness and potential in zone coverage. Can cut the legs of a runner on the edge.
CONS: Needs to do a better job getting the jam and show better hip flip when playing bump and run. Can get beat deep. Needs to improve his footwork. Is tentative in run support, doesn't wrap up, and struggles to get off blocks. Will give up too much cushion at times and can get caught staring in the backfield.
OVERVIEW: Started along with Chris Chancellor, but not as good as Chancellor. Had 40 starts and 11 career interceptions. A good athlete with a good combo of size and speed, but doesn't do many of the little things to like his NFL potential.
NFL FORECAST: Butler reminds me a bit of Tod McBride, due to his size and ability to impact as a bump and run corner. And while he shows decent awareness in zone, his poor tackling would make him a liability at times in that scheme. But he doesn't have the hips, despite having the size and speed one is looking for in a man corner. He's bigger and faster than Chancellor, but he's softer and lacks polish. With good coaching and patience he could be a nice nickel corner on a team that likes to play plenty of zone and press coverage. But he's the classic guy that teams like because of his size, speed, and athleticism, and he never rises up the depth chart and is a liability when he does get on the field.
ATL FORECAST: While he would add needed size to the Falcons cornerback position, he doesn't have the polish to expect him to compete early enough to really make the Falcons roster. They might keep him for a year or two on the practice squad, but unless he makes significant improvements in run support, technique, and footwork, he isn't likely to be anything more than that.
VALUE: Has physical tools, but he's a tease that would be a reach before the seventh round.
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