Marshall Newhouse, OG, Texas Christian

Scouting reports of offensive tackles, guards, and centers in the 2010 draft.
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Marshall Newhouse, OG, Texas Christian

Postby Pudge » Thu Feb 25, 2010 5:31 pm

Texas Christian Senior

PROS: Has good strength and athleticism. Shows good potential as a run blocker able to flash ability as a drive blocker and push the pile. Shows decent mobility and effective when blocking on the second level. Has a nice hand punch.
CONS: Has poor footwork and technique in pass protection. Slides his feet too much, and is not quick into his set. Gets too deep in his drops, opening himself up to the inside coutner move and doesn't do well adjusting in space. Opens up his stance too early. Despite strength, doesn't play with great base and can get bull rushed at times. Doesn't lock on or finish his blocks, needs to improve his hand use and placement both as a pass protector and run blocker. Is a waist-bender. Doesn't play with great pop off snap as a run blocker. Needs to take better angles as a run blocker.
OVERVIEW: Newhouse is big, strong, and a good athlete, but his game is a bit too raw to be an impact player right away. Played left tackle at TCU, but destined to move inside at the next level.
NFL FORECAST: He can play guard in the NFL, and I think he might have value as a reserve tackle. Has potential as a run blocker and could be an effective stopgap tackle if injuries occur. But he'll be a liability there long-term because of his poor footwork adn technique in pass protection. As an interior player, he has the potential to develop down the road, but right now he's raw. Despite having the build and strength to be a good player in a short-area, his poor technique will cause him troubles there initially. I think the upper end of his potential is to become a guard like where Justin Blalock is now. That's not an ideal starter, but he could be a decent stopgap option for a team for a year or two. But he's not a player you build around. You draft him more to fill depth and potentially develop as a starter down the road. Teams will be intrigued by his strength and potential as a run blocker, but unless he makes huge improvements in terms of his technique and footwork, he'll be a very limited starter.
ATL FORECAST: He could be a nice backup in Atlanta. But he's not likely to push anybody for a starting position anytime soon. He's a player that would fill a similar role as Quinn Ojinnaka, but has better potential as a run blocker than Ojinnaka does. But he wouldn't be as effective a stopgap starter as he is for the first few years in Atlanta. He's good enough to make the Falcons roster, but I wouldn't expect any significant contributions from him until 2012 or later, and even then that would probably be just a decent utility backup.
VALUE: Newhouse is nothing special, but good enough to get drafted. For a zone-blocking team looking for a long-term option to improve their running game, he might make a nice sixth or seventh round pick. But taking him before then would be a reach.
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