Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma

Scouting reports of defensive tackles in the 2010 draft.
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Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma

Postby Mr. Offseason » Fri Jan 22, 2010 10:29 pm

Pros: Quick off the ball, has a good burst, pretty good size and good strength, good hand usage to shed blocks, disrupts plays in the backfield, is a good tackler and has a good motor. Can split double teams with quickness and is very hard to block with one man.

Cons: Does not hold up very well against doubles in the run game and is definitely a UT in the NFL, not a NT. He doesn’t have much of a pass rush move at this point, and needs to develop that to continue to improve as a pass rusher. I am not sure how good his instincts are, and needs to get better at shielding himself from cut-blocks.

Overall: He is a very good prospect, and in most any other draft he would be the #1 DT in the draft class. He will present a team with a disruptive, playmaking DT if they draft him. He gets off the ball quickly, sheds blocks well and has a good burst to split double teams and to beat his man off one of his shoulders. He has a good motor and work ethic also from what I can tell, which makes me believe he will continue to improve once he gets to the NFL and not settle once he gets his big NFL paycheck.

Projection: Top 3: I would be surprised if he made it past the Lions and even more surprised if he made it past the Buccaneers. He is a very good DT prospect.

1-poor, 2-weak, 3-above average, 4-very good, 5-elite

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Re: Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma

Postby Pudge » Thu Feb 18, 2010 11:45 pm

Oklahoma Junior

PROS: Has a very good first step, and is a disruptive presence that lives in opponents backfields. Gets penetration and closes quickly on the quarterback. Has good pass rush instincts, using multiple techniques and moves to get to the passer. Has a good swim move, as well as a nice rip move. Can bull rush as well, but tends to prefer to use his quickness and good hand technique over power. Is good in pursuit, works laterally down the line to make plays vs. the run, and has a good motor. Does a nice job shedding blocks and very difficult to block one on one. Uses his first step to get good leverage vs. the run.
CONS: Occasionally will get pushed off the ball at the point of attack. At times will get "sack happy" losing his assignments vs. the run. Has had some past struggles against big physical guards in a short area.
OVERVIEW: You can definitely make the argument that he's the best pass rusher in this class. Had he come out last year he would have been a Top 5 pick. He plays mostly the 3-technique, but he also excels at the 5-technique when Oklahoma employs 3-man fronts, even beating Russell Okung on occasion from the end position.
NFL FORECAST: McCoy is a versatile pass rusher that is going to find a way to get to the quarterback. There really is no negative to his game other than the fact that he has almost no experience playing the nose, and that if you have 330-pound guards you stand a decent chance of being able to run directly at him. But you could have said the same thing about Warren Sapp, and it didn't stop him from having a Hall of Fame career. McCoy has similar potential. While his most natural position is an under tackle in the 4-3 scheme, I have little doubts that he would emerge as one of the premier defensive ends in a 3-4 scheme as well on par with Richard Seymour, although he has the potential to be a double-digit sack guy like Bruce Smith in that scheme as well. McCoy has an extremely high ceiling, he's a high character player, and there's really no flaw in his game. The biggest negative I noticed was that he made a stupid personal foul penalty in a game because his emotions got the better of him because he hit an opponent after he thought said opponent committed a late hit against his teammate. Silly penalty, but I can't chastize a guy for defending his teammate. He's a player I fully expect to impact right away in the league because his game is so relatively polished. If a team doesn't try to tinker with playing him at anything other than the 3 or 5-technique they will get a stud player from the get-go.
ATL FORECAST: McCoy isn't the ideal fit in the Falcons defensive line because he doesn't play the nose that much. But his skill set is such that one imagines he would find a way to learn it and if not excel at it, be very good at it. But in truth, his ability to dominate a 3-technique tackle offsets any deficiency at the nose. He would simply be a dominating presence on passing downs, as well as routinely making plays vs. the run. Basically, if you take Jonathan Babineaux and double his production, you have what McCoy could be in the Falcons defense. He would be a dominant presence and give the Falcons hands-down the best defensive line in the league. He would be able to contribute right away as a starter, particularly as a pass rusher.
VALUE: He is good enough to merit the No. 1 overall pick. He is about as close to a franchise defensive player as you're going to find.

1-poor, 2-weak, 3-above average, 4-very good, 5-elite

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