Devin Ross, CB, Arizona

Scouting reports of cornerbacks in the 2010 draft.
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Devin Ross, CB, Arizona

Postby Pudge » Sat Jan 23, 2010 1:01 pm

Arizona Senior

PROS: Plays with a lot of confidence and has big play potential. Will wrap up and deliver blow to ballcarrier. Shows decent footwork and hips.
CONS: Can be overaggressive and gambles too much. Bites on the double move and pump fake. Needs to do a better job keeping things in front of him and take better angles in run support. He gives up too much cushion and lacks the burst to break on the ball.
OVERVIEW: You like Ross's athletic potential and production. He led Arizona in tackles this past year with 81, and he has combined for 4 picks and 24 pass break ups the past two seasons as a starter. But he gives up more plays than he makes.
NFL FORECAST: Ross is one of those players that I think is more than good enough to stick on an NFL roster and can contribute as a nickel corner. But I think he'll be overmatched as a starter. I think he'll one of those guys that when he comes into the game against starting-caliber receivers, he'll struggle and give up a lot of plays. He'll make some from time to time, but they won't off-set. Basically he reminds me a lot of Brent Grimes. He doesn't have a lot of size, and every now and then will make a big play. But for the most part he isn't able to lock down quality receivers. And while he may get a pick in a key situation, he also wound up giving up 8 catches or 100 yards on that day as well. I think he can have a nice, long career as a nickel corner. And might impress enough in that role that he may get a chance to be a starter upon his second contract, but I think whoever gives him that contract will wind up disappointed.
ATL FORECAST: Ross would essentially be more of the same. He really doesn't bring anything to the table that Grimes doesn't already bring. He could help out with depth, but he wouldn't really be an upgrade over what we currently have. He'd be just another undersized corner that gives up too many plays to be a reliable cover guy.
VALUE: Ross is a middle round pick, that I'd probably take in the fourth or fifth round, but I wouldn't be too down on a team that is desperate for corner help taking him in the late third.
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