Keith Toston, RB, Oklahoma State

Scouting reports of running backs and fullbacks in the 2010 draft.
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Keith Toston, RB, Oklahoma State

Postby Pudge » Tue Jan 19, 2010 3:44 pm

Keith Toston
Oklahoma State Senior

Pros: He's a patient, north-south runner with good speed and burst through the hole. He runs with power and will deliver blow to the defender and keeps his feet moving after contact. He is comfortable running between the tackles and will fight for extra yards in short yardage. Has nice footwork and decent vision. Shows nice hands as a receiver in the flat.
Cons: He's not a threat to break a lot of tackles either with his power or quickness. Not an explosive one-cut runner and doesn't run as hard when he's asked to change direction. Needs to improve in pass protection.
Overview: Toston fits well in a zone-blocking scheme and is best when he's allowed to run north and south, but isn't the kind of explosive back that could excel in that scheme. He fits well as a nice complementary back because he can run between the tackles. He simply doesn't excel enough in any one area.
NFL Forecast: I'd compare Toston to a player like Ryan Moats, who is good enough to be a capable backup runner in the NFL, but doesn't do enough to make you think he's anything special. I think he could fit well on a team like Houston, like Moats has done, but in order to really have some staying power in the NFL, he'll have to improve in pass protection. His best bet is to become an option on third downs. He might be a decent option in short-yardage, but there will be better players to come along. If he could add some more muscle, he could be better there. If he can improve his blocking (and I think he can) as well be able to compete on special teams, he'll stick in the NFL. But he's one of those players that isn't good enough to be considered an asset and regular part of the offense. Instead, he's the type of guy that only gets on the field when the starters are injured.
ATL Forecast: Toston adds depth to the lineup, but he really isn't a better player than Jason Snelling. Toston is more the type of player that sits on the practice squad for the Falcons and is an emergency option in case someone gets hurt. And that's likely what would happen with him if he was signed by the team. He could land the No. 3 job, especially if the team works Snelling more as a fullback or doesn't re-sign Norwood. But he doesn't have long-term upside that is really worth a lot of development by the Falcons.
Value: Toston is a nice mid-to-late round pick. At the earliest, he should go in the fifth round for a zone-blocking team looking for depth. But for most teams he's probably a better option in the sixth or seventh rounds due to a lack of upside.
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