Week 5 Game Breakdown

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Week 5 Game Breakdown

Postby Capologist » Sat Oct 15, 2005 12:26 am

Here's what I saw:


Running game: Effective most of the time but there were dry spells.

Breakdown of passes:

Schaub: 18/34, 3 TDs, no turnovers. He made great decisions and throws for the most part. He ended up with 8 Bad Passes (way too many), 4 Defended, 3 Dropped (D. White, Jenkins and Finneran), 1 Other. He managed the game very well.

Sack responsibility: First sack goes to Weiner. McGinest beat him which forced Schaub to scramble for a 2 yard loss. Second one goes to "scheme" and the McClure factor. Lehr immediately double-teamed McClure's guy. This opened up the gap for the safety to shoot through and ended up resulting in Dunn having to take on not only Roosevelt Colvin but then the safety (#36) as well. The safety's arrival is what caused the breakdown and thus the sack. The final sack goes to Eric Beverly who was badly beaten by McGinest forcing Schaub to step up in the pocket into traffic.

Pass blocking: Mostly solid. Still having trouble with blitz pickups.


Run defense wasn't good at all. Looked like a combination of 3 things. First, the o-line going through our d-line and getting to the second level, the LB's. Guards vs. LB's is a size disadvantage that usually gets lost. Second, LB's not hitting the gaps and getting caught in traffic. This works hand in hand with #1. Finally, overpursuit is an issue. There were several plays where everyone charged to the middle only for Dillon to bounce to the outside and take advantage of it.

Pass coverage on WR's was horrid. Very conservative. Played off the ball and short 2 yard passes became 5 and 7 yard catches all day long. Not to mention LB's (although Hartwell came out and we went to nickel) on TE's as good as NE's isn't smart. J-Web had a rough day, everyone did when it comes to pass coverage.

D-line only got 1 sack and got decent pressure at times but not enough to cover for the secondary.

Special Teams:

Rossum had a horrible day all the way around. He called two Fair catches that he shouldn't have. He was horrible in coverage and was just okay in kickoff returns.

Koenen kicked off very well yet again. 2 went into the EZ (1 for Touchback) and the others went to the 1, 2 and 5 yard line and 1 was a squib kick to end the half. Very nice job. Punting was MUCH better. Averaged 45.3 yards with only 5 return yards. Koenen also had the monster 58 yard FG. Peterson was perfect on the day. Overall, the kicking game was great.

Things that really need improvement:

1. Run defense.
3. Take shots deep. Schaub's experience in the offense showed.
4. We need more depth in the secondary. Rossum won't cut it back there and we need to be more agressive.

Offensive MVP: Matt Schaub
Defensive MVP: Really don't want to name one but I guess I'd go with Brooking for 10 tackles although he didn't exactly light it up doing it.
Special Teams MVP: Michael Koenen.

Goat of the Week: Allen Rossum and our Defense

As for the officiating: It stunk. They missed a head shot to Jenkins early. They missed the illegal block in the back on NE's 2nd TD. They blew the Schaub scramble call. They called a BS penalty on Roddy White that should have gone the other way. Jenkins was interfered with at least 2 times that wasn't called. None of these forced our defense to suck but it still wasn't pleasant to see.

Good news: We hung with the World Champs and know we could have won this game...

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