Eagles have beaten falcons 3 in row geting /playoff tape

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Eagles have beaten falcons 3 in row geting /playoff tape

Postby thescout » Sun Jan 16, 2005 10:55 pm

I am getting my 2002 eagles vs falcon playoff tape out to see what the eagles did to beat the falcon's.I am interested in seeing how the eagles blitzed and what the falcons did to counter.

the scout

Just watched the Eagles vs Falc playoff game 2002

Postby the scout » Mon Jan 17, 2005 12:28 am

After watching the Eagles vs Falcon playoff game 2002 I wanted to make a few points.

1.Wacthing the game the falcon's killed themselves with to many penalties.I must have counted 8 to 3 against falcon's.The Falcons need to keep from making stupid mistkaes.
2.To many receviers dropped balls.Crumpler dropped 2 balls and other receivers.
3.Dunn was not that effective running the ball up the middle or sideways.Dunn did well with the screens the falcon's called gained yards.
4.Duckett did not play alot but the eagles had a hard time bringing him down but with Reeve's offense not enough Duckett.
5. Mcnabb tried his hail marry again and the refs called pass interference against the falcon's 46 yards but it was offset by a phlly penalty.
6.The Eagles did not stack the line like they did vs vikings perhaps respecting Vick more.
7.Vick did not have a big game running the ball.

The falcon's were in the game with score 13-6 philly with about 6:30 minutes left then the thrash score so they were in it most of the game.

Critical things to beat the eagles:
1.The falcon's must score first and let the eagles play catch up.During the playoff game in 2002 the falcons never had a lead and seemed to be climbing uphill the whole game
2.Momentum -it is important to grab it before the eagles crowd gives the eagles the dreaded 12 man advantage.
3.Sustained drives - I did not see any from the falcons in he playoff game 2002.They did not even have a touchdown vs the Eagles.

This is a different falcon team and it will be interesting to see if the DVD combo can gain yards on the philly defense.Besdies Westbrook I don't see alot different from the Eagles vs the Vikings and how they will approach the falcons .If they stack the line then it is an opportunity to have big plays for the falcon's so the eagles better be careful or could get burned.

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Postby Pudge » Mon Jan 17, 2005 3:14 pm

I agree, I think Jim Johnson is going to throw a lot of things at VIck, to try and rattle him. I really respect Johnson as a coordinator. There is probably no one in the NFL (except maybe Belichick) that knows how to disguise blitzes the way he does.

Really the onus for this win is on our offense coming to play. I don't suspect our defense will shut down the Eagles, but I'd be surprised if they scored more than 13 or 17 points in this game. 27 points against a slow Minnesota defense is one thing, but they shouldn't have that success against our much faster and aggressive defense.

A lot of it will fall on the O-line. Weiner is going to have to have a great day against Kearse. It's a matchup that neither player has ever seen. Kearse as well has never faced Vick. Jeremiah Trotter has never faced Vick either.

Really only a few playmakers remain from that Eagle team of '02: Ike Reese, Brian Dawkins, Corey Simon, Hugh Douglas, and Darwin Walker. And Reese is just a nickel back really.

Simon & Walker are the only one of these players that has ever really sacked Vick. Simoneau and Nate Wayne have seen Vick before, but I wouldn't say either is a real threat. Michael Lewis and Sheldon Brown were backups in the '02 game. As I recall, Whitfield historically has played very well against Hugh Douglas, but now it will be Shaffer facing him.

This is really a game where it just comes down to our players outplaying their players. We have to win the battle in the trenches. Give Vick time to throw and hope our running game can things going.
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Postby MadBirdMike » Tue Jan 18, 2005 7:25 pm

I think the biggest difference in this years matchup will be with the leadership, both on the field and calling the plays. The last matchup saw Dan Reeves trying to out finesse the Eagles. This time it will be Mora and his crew just pounding it down their throats.

I think it will be a much better outcome for the Falcons than last game, considering the score was 13-6 into the fourth quarter. The Falcons have better players on both sides of the ball with the added experience they have gained over the last three years and through acquisitions.

This is not the same team that faced them last time, and with the less restrictive play calling will have a better chance at going on.

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