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Power Rankings

Postby dirtybirdnw » Tue Sep 13, 2005 7:06 pm

Here are the major power polls....

#1: Patriots
#2: Colts
#3: Steelers
#4: Falcons
#5: Iggles
#6: Chiefs
#7: Jaguars
#8: Cowboys
#9: Bills
#10: Saints
(3 NFC / 7 AFC)

#1: Patriots
#2: Steelers
#3: Colts
#4: Falcons
#5: Iggles
#6: Jaguars
#7: Saints
#8: Chiefs
#9: Bills
#10: Panthers
(4 NFC / 6 AFC)
Sidenote: Sportsline had a poll on who's the baddest birds. With nearly 8k votes the Falcons are in first (by a wide margin) with 38% of the vote.

Can't find power rankings???
Sidenote: They have a poll asking who has the best chance to make the Super Bowl. Options included: Atlanta, Philly Minnesota, Panthers, Seahawks. Out of 16,000 votes the Falcons are in the lead with 35% of the votes.

FOX Sports:
Not updated since pre-season
Sidenote: They have a poll asking which QB would you rather have: McNabb or Vick. With 15,749 votes Vick leads with 57% of the vote.
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