Koren Robinson

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Koren Robinson

Postby Pudge » Mon Jul 18, 2005 10:51 pm

Pro Football Talk wrote:KOREN FACING ONE-YEAR SIT?

With receiver Koren Robinson pleading guilty on Monday to DUI charges, he could end up facing a one-year suspension from the NFL.

Previously, Robinson was suspended four games for violation of the league's substance abuse policy. It's unclear whether Robinson already is in Stage Three of the NFL Substance Abuse Intervention program. If he is, his Monday guilty plea could result in a one-year sit.

Robinson will spend one day in jail in connection with the crime, but he likely will remain in NFL purgatory. Word is that teams have stayed away from Robinson because of his murky status with the confines of the program (and because, well, he's a turd). Who, after all, wants to sign a guy who might be gone for either four or 16 games? (And who is, well, a turd?)

With the guilty plea on the record, the NFL can now impose a penalty, and teams potentially interested in Robinson will finally know whether and to what extent he'll be unavailable if/when he's signed.

Several years ago, a looming four-game suspension essentially ended the NFL career of receiver Andre Rison, since no team was willing to add to the roster a guy who would be gone for 25 percent of the season.

Stay tuned

Robinson is a talented player, but he's not worth a look. Supposedly, earlier in the off-season he went to a psychologist and supposedly was ready to become a man and start being more consistent both on the field and off. But of course, that all went out the window with his latest offense, which I believe happened in early May.

A good player, but he was supposed to have turned a new leaf, and that leaf just led back down the same path. It would be great if he could get a fresh start somewhere, but I don't think it should be Atlanta.

Even if this suspension wasn't looming over his head, I wouldn't sign him.
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Postby Big Dave » Tue Jul 26, 2005 12:07 pm

I read that when he stood before the judge that he actually had a few before he got there. Sounds like he has a real problem there. It's disappointing for me because he was something else here at NCSU. He was Phillip Rivers favorite receiver that year and Norm Chow did a good job using him. I knew he came out of college too soon.
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