Emmitt's What The Hell Mock Draft

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Emmitt's What The Hell Mock Draft

Postby Emmitt » Sat Apr 21, 2012 4:22 pm

1 IND Luck- They need a franchise quarterback.
2 WAS Griffin- Read above.
3 MIN Kalil- They do have some pressing needs but they need the blindside of Christian Ponder protected. Receivers are easier to find than left tackles.
4 CLE Richardson- Since Holngerm doesn't like to pick receivers early, he won't pass on this great talent.
5 TB Claiborne- Talib looks finished, Barber won't last another season, and Eric Wright is inconsistent. I could be wrong here though since Caliborne is a bit unstable.
6 STL Blackmon- They can't pass on him. Rams do have pressing needs but Blackmon could be a huge star.
7 JAC Ingram- They need more pass rush which has been said for the past four years it seems like. At least Mincey is starting to pick it up.
8 MIA Tannehill- Matt Moore was decent last year when he came in, but he's not a franchise quarterback.
9 CAR Cox- Carolina was the worst run defense in the league last year. They need to add someone desperately to get their defensive up to par with their offense.
10 BUF Reiff- This is an easy pick since the Bills always have offensive line problems and they just lost Bell. A left tackle is a must here.
11 KC Floyd- This is a stretch here because Kansas City have other pressing needs. Floyd is too good to pass up here and he brings some much needed explosion to the offense.
12 SEA Kuechly- One of the most complete players in the draft. He may go higher but just don't see needs for MLBs. Seattle needs one here so this is a no brainer.
13 ARI DeCastro- I know guards aren't usually picked high but DeCastro is considered to be a top prospect. Arizona could use a few other parts but guard will be worth it.
14 DAL Barron- I can't remember the last time Dallas didn't have safety problems. Safety is a must pick here & I hear Dallas writers are raving about him. This should be a lock if available.
15 PHI Poe- This is a bit of a risk but he has too much upside to drop anymore. Eagles had problems stopping the run and they'll take a chance here like they always do.
16 NYJ Jones- Jets have needed a pass rusher for years now and finally get a first rounder. They seem high on Jones although I'm not too sure about him.
17 CIN Gilmore- With the loss of Leon Hall, cornerback becomes a need and Gilmore could do the trick. He has some off the field issues, but hey it's the Bengals right.
18 SD Upshaw- San Diego is another team that struggles to get to the passer but they could go with a cornerback here. I'm not sure what to expect here, they are random.
19 CHI Coples- Another risky pick here but Bears are pretty aggressive. Plus they are looking for Peppers counterpart on the other side and this could do the trick.
20 TEN Brockers- Titans need some major muscle on their defensive line but they could go d-tackle or d-end here. They signed Wimberly and hope Derrick Morgan can break out so I'll go with d-tackle here.
21 CIN Glenn- Benglas have a solid offensive line but they do have a big hole now that long time guard Bobbie Williams is gone. They could go at d-end here but Glenn is at perfect value here.
22 CLE Adams- With Richardson coming in, they need to improve the oline mainly on the right side. Adams or Jonathan Martin was a toss up here but Adams is getting more looked at apparently by Cleveland.
23 DET Kirkpatrick- After how poorly that secondary played in the 2nd half of the season, they need massive help. Kirkpatrick has some issues off the field, but he fits well covering up the loss of Eric Wright.
24 PIT Hightower- Steelers love taking defensive players or offensive lineman. I'll go with a defensive player and it will be to replace James Farrior. Hightower and Timmons as a long time duo could be gold.
25 DEN Worthy- This is a reach but the Broncos need help on the d-line at all costs. They have little quality with mostly backups on the front line. Worthy could bring something to the table.
26 HOU Wright- Texans need a 2nd receiver because Kevin Walter simply doesn't cut it anymore. Wright is a big time long threat that could create several mis matches.
27 NE McClellin- Pats don't have many holes but they could really use a pass rusher. Patriots may trade one of these picks but regardless they need a pass rusher.
28 GB Mercilus- He may go in the top 20 but he could fall this low. Packers are in need of pass rushers as well (I've been saying that far too often with teams). What happened to hitting the QB?
29 BAL Fleener- This pick is a bit out of nowhere but Ravens could use a tight end. They haven't had a good one since Todd Heap and Flacco needs all the help he could get.
30 SF Hill- The overload of receivers continue since that was the only thing really holding the Niners back in beating the Giants last year (catching punt returns would have been nice too).
31 NE Smith- I don't know if they are keeping this pick, but if they are safety would be smart here. Smith is a bit of a reach but the safety play was horrendous last year for the Pats.
32 NYG Martin- Giants have a leaky offensive line and should pick Martin here despite a poor season by him. They could go in a couple directions here but tackle sounds right.
55 ATL Massie- I have no idea who to take here but I'm hoping it's a tackle.

I'm a Devin Hester guy.

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