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 Post subject: Pill bugs and arm wavers
PostPosted: Tue Jul 31, 2007 5:31 pm 
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There's a phenom going on in some quarters, bars and websites. Some Falcons fans are intent on showing no respect to certain Falcons players as well the owner and GM.

One guy always makes the joke that when he's a billionaire, he'll tell what Arthur to do. Is that jealousy or arrogance speaking? Then there's the ubiquitous wannabe expert that knows more than the GM. He woulda done this, he woulda done that,...after the fact I might add, which is easy to do.

But the worst examples of cynical Falcons fans have come up with cute little nick names for some players, three or four in particular.

We all recall Chris Chandler being dubbed "crystal chandelier" for obvious reasons. Some called Chris Miller, after numerous concussions, "Batman" from some commercial about a guy coming off the field and saying he was Batman,...can't remember the product the commercial was so funny. Oh I almost forgot about "back peddle Andre Bruce",...which I have to admit was an appropriate moniker.

But then we get into the more classless nick names such as "pill bug" in reference to the diminutive Warrick Dunn, "hurtwell" in reference to Ed Hartwell and "the arm waver" referring to the departed and knowing he's glad he has left this circus, Patrick Kerney.

Kerney was an original Falcon and that alone should garner more respect than he has been given. No, he wasn't putting up the sacks but he was playing the last three damned years in a f* defense with f* coaches. And too, as with Dunn, some of you people don't know how many games these guys play hurt and that does have juuuuuuust a little something to do with performance??? And even a hurt Kerney is twice the DE that Chauncy Davis is, please! He is, in fact, a better DE than Jamaal Anderson is at this point in time.

Warrick Dunn is a little warrior. He does so much good for average people,...he gives it up all the time on the field. There is this nut that posts over there suggesting Dunn was laying down after he recieved the initial hit from any defender and that's stupid and idiotic to suggest such an absurd notion. His, the nut, is the case of someone seeing something the way he wishes it to be because he's juuuuust a little biased and maybe something else, I don't even wanna got there. Probably a lonely recluse that looks at life like the half empty glass crowd. You look at Dunn's productivity and *worth* and there's no way you can disrespect this man like that.

But this hurtwell stuff, mmm mmmm. Chris Chandler laughed when he heard what Falcons fans were saying about him. I wonder if Edgerton would also laugh.

Ya know?,...Karma is a powerful force. And when people in numbers participate in such thinking, Karma wakes up and sees a feast a waiting for his hungry ass. People that go into this type thinking have no idea how they're effecting others and the literal outcome of games.

Let's all concentrate now,...ohms,...power to the people,...ohm,...In Vick we trust<snickering>

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