Justice for Greedo

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Justice for Greedo

Postby fun gus » Mon Jul 22, 2013 12:23 pm

It is a sad day for our Galaxy.

Yesterday in Mos Eisley, Tatooine, Han Solo, a white human and self proclaimed "defender of the galaxy" shot and killed unarmed Rodian youth Greedo. Solo was later captured by Imperial StormTroopers but was later released when Solo claimed Greedo shot first and he (Solo) was merely acting in self defense. The Greedo family lawyer is attempting to contact a Hutt whose name has not yet been released to the media as it is suspected that it was the last individual to contact Greedo before his death.

I wanted to believe Imperial society had moved past this speciesist bullshiat but I guess we haven't. The Empire is obviously corrupt and we need to make our voices known. I suggest we stage rebellions on Tatooine, Yavin 4, and Hoth to let the Empire know the Galactic Community will not stand for this.


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