The Hurt Locker your impressions of movie

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The Hurt Locker your impressions of movie

Postby thescout » Mon Jan 18, 2010 4:07 am

I just rented The Hurt Locker movie tonight. I thought it was very good but many think its the best movie of the year. It's certainly different in that you feel like its a documentary sort of rather than a movie. I think the appeal is it puts the viewer in the movie and it you actually feel like there is a war going on rather than the many movies that try and depict a war. I thought the actors especially the lead actor Jeremy Renner did an outstanding job. I have never heard of him but he may have a chance at an Academy award. The movie will be in the running for best picture along with Avatar which I'll see tomorrow.

It makes the viewer aware of how dangerous a job disarming bombs are and really it takes a superman to have the guts and courage to do the job. I wonder if George Bush or Dick Cheney could do their jobs. :lol: :lol: I could see Bush calling his dad up hey daddy get me outta here I'm scared.The bad men might blow me up. Just goes to show who the real heros are in society and while many don't know of the dangerous jobs out there these bomb experts have probably the most dangerous job in the world.
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