USAToday link to movies rest of the year

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USAToday link to movies rest of the year

Postby thescout » Sat Nov 28, 2009 5:48 pm

I see a few we have already discussed on which movies to see. The Blind Side I need to see that.Anyone seen the Blindside about Michael Oher? I am searching trying to narrow which movies might get an Academy Award. Right now Julie and Julia might be near the top.I think Avatar could be on the list.Meryrl Streep should win best actress but not sure about what male will take it. Supporting actress the girl who played in Julie and Julia and Sandra Bullock could be on list however Bullock might be lead actress and lose to Streep.

I don't see any Brad Pitt movies.He did Inglorious Bastards which was good. Morgan Freeman might win best male actor now that I think about it. ... lendar.htm
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