Remberence,...Len Goldberg

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Remberence,...Len Goldberg

Postby PB21 » Sat Nov 21, 2009 10:52 pm

This is a tragedy not a comedy. The Len Goldberg story.

Back in the late '90's message boards were not as populated as they are today. But the people posting on some of them were the most knowledgable football fans I ever knew,...except me of course, ahem.;)

On the old Prodigy Classic MBs there was a core of some incredible NFL fans. JazzyMJ, a Bears fan living in NY. A Patriots fan, two Cowboys fans,...Mary H an Eagles fan,...Sue Valla a HOT Skins fan,...Mike Sigmon, and ya'll this guy is FAMOUS! If you've ever read some Packers fan's post on any site and asked what the hell was that?, was Sigmon. Oh I forgot the Latino Cowboys fan, he was great fun to debate also,...when I could unnerstand his ass.

And then there was Len Goldberg. Len was a Giants fan,...a guy who went to Vietnam and a guy who wore a Giants jersey every day of his life after getting home to America after his service to his country.

Len was on a FOX pregame show in the late nineties,...they showed his modest apartment all taken care of by his service and what that means when you serve. It was a nice little one minute segement now lost forever in layers of years. Len is gone now. Jett you be nice!

One less vote man,...oh wait, I forgot,...they use the deceased vote at ACORN in NY.

No more "Sherman marches through Atlanta" bee ess, more "you people down there don't know what's going on,...I'm a Giants fan, live in New York on your dollar and your team will never win a SB." well,...he may be right about that last sentiment.

The ballad of Len Goldberg,...a veteran, a proud Hebrew and a message board Icon. Only the equally deceased Sigmon was the guy who invented online trash talk in MB sites. This guy caused the creation of TOS agreements and people given mod authority to keep crazy sons of motherless goats from typing anything that could be offensive, geesh!

I hope you enjoyed this Jett and friends. Tomorrow we'll light a candle for ole Lennie.
"Crisis is the playground of tyrants."

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Re: Remberence,...Len Goldberg

Postby backnblack » Sun Nov 22, 2009 9:26 am

Sorry to hear that. The MB community becomes very tight. In some ways despite the sometimes dysfuntionality I view the folks here as some of my closer friends...and I wouldn't know you if I saw you at the post office! A lot of times people will say, "Get over it. It's just a MB." While there is some truth in that I try to remember those are real people typing away and to try to avoid saying anything I wouldn't say to their face.
There was this guy named Zook, I think, who used to post at the Roost. Nice guy. He had had a couple of heart procedures and I think he too was a VN vet. The Panthers fan who was pretty knowledgeable but sort of young, dumb and full of come came in there and was just hammering him over a period of time. Well, the guy wound up dying and the Panthers guy came back in some time later speaking disparagingly of him...mainly in trash talk kind of way probably. when someone told him what had happened he really, really felt bad. Felt sorry for him.
All that said...I love you guys!!!! :wub: :wub: :lol:

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