The Jackson 8's Family Feud New Jackson Tour

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The Jackson 8's Family Feud New Jackson Tour

Postby thescout » Fri Aug 14, 2009 12:30 am

Interesting article Janet the frontliner?

The Jackson 8's Family Feud?
Aug. 13, 2009, 4:37 PM EST
The Daily Beast considers how a new Jackson 8 tour has exposed a contentious sibling rivalry

By Diane Dimond
The Daily Beast

You can never predict how a family will grieve the death of a loved one. But three people familiar with the inner workings of the Jackson family reveal that Hayvenhurst, the Encino, Calif., compound for the parents and siblings of the late Michael Jackson, has recently been filled with constant spats over money and fame.

Search: The Jackson Siblings
View results for: La Toya Jackson Janet Jackson Jackson siblings Jackson 8 The latest point of contention, these associates say, is a 10-city U.S. Jackson family reunion tour involving all of Michael's siblings. The Daily Beast has obtained a proposal from New Jersey-based AllGood Entertainment, a concert promoter that claimed it had a similar concert plan in place in June when it sued Michael for allegedly breaching that agreement, and my sources confirm that the Jackson family is seriously considering this new offer. The guaranteed collective payday for the clan: more than $12 million, including a $1 million advance upon acceptance. And it indicates that this new grouping, call it the Jackson 8, will have Janet fronting in her big brother's place.

The biggest holdup with a concert tour, or other deals? Sibling rivalries, as each brother and sister weighs individual deals, while family matriarch Katherine Jackson preaches for a long-term family-size agreement that will provide security for everyone. The details of the proposed pay split among the family members illuminates both the opportunities for the surviving Jacksons following their famous brother's death as well as their competing (and not equal) prospects.

The tour pay scale in the proposal is specifically broken out as follows:

Janet Jackson — $4 million
Jermaine Jackson — $1.5 million
Jackie Jackson — $1.5 million
Randy Jackson — $1.5 million
Marlon Jackson — $1.5 million
Tito Jackson — $1.5 million
La Toya Jackson — $500,000
Rebbie Jackson — $250,000

These numbers for the 10-date U.S. tour could easily triple. An Aug. 11, 2009, letter written by AllGood CEO Patrick Allocco to Jermaine, also obtained by The Daily Beast, mentions the additional "option for 10 cities in Europe plus we have additional offers for Australia, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, and Seoul."

But despite the large potential numbers, the siblings' individual agendas have caused troubles inside Hayvenhurst, say the family associates. For Janet, the issue is pressure. She is unenthusiastic about being the headliner on this proposed tour, the sources say, remembering the constant stress the family put on Michael to perform with them for the sake of their bank accounts.

Read the full story on The Daily
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Re: The Jackson 8's Family Feud New Jackson Tour

Postby backnblack » Fri Aug 14, 2009 6:33 am

Please, for the sake of all of us...let LaToya front this thing. :twisted:

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