Good Movies That Surprised You

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Good Movies That Surprised You

Postby thescout » Thu Aug 06, 2009 4:12 am

I wanted to start a thread on movies that surprised you. I am thinking in terms of good movies not bad which if you want to add it here that is fine but we can start another thread on bad movies. I'll add to this later but here are a few right off the top of my head that didn't seem to get alot of attention but these are some of my fav movies regardless.

1.Murder By Death - I saw this movie a long time ago and while some may scoff at mentioning this movie I thou ght it was hilarious. It kept me off guard ,funny moments and the plot kept you in suspense.
2.The Buddy Holly Story - I really didn't start to go to the movies till the 90's and I saw this on HBO. This was actor Gary Busey big moment and this movie blew me away since I didn't know the history of Holly. I am always fascinated on how people get to be legends and anytime this movie comes on even today I try and watch it after seeing it probably 20 times in my life.
3.Selena - Again, I didn't know anything about the tejano star before this movie and it is one of my all time favorites. This movie put Jennifer Lopez on the map and the sotry is a tear jerker like Buddy Holly's movie.
4.La Bamba - excellent movie put Lou Diamond Phillips on the map and despite Richie Valens short stint it's amazing the impact he had on music.
5. Gladiator - I remember when this came out it got alot of press and yet I waited a long time to see it at the dollar theater. Wow, this movie was fantastic and still an time favorite mine.
6.Brian's Song - another tear jerker that introdued me to Brian Piccolo. I knew Sayers was a great running back but didn't know the relationship he had with Brian Piccolo. This should be a required movie for all athletes.
7.The Hank Gathers Story - looks like a pattern of mine athletes or musicians who die young are some of my favorites.Gathers should still be alive but sadly he passed away way to young.
8.Shawshank Redemption - this movie really surprised me another memorable movie I try and watch when it comes on TV today.
9.Steve Martin movie - he's had a few movies that I like. The Loinely Guy and the one where a sharpshooter is shooting his gun and Martin is at the gas station pumping gas. Martin replies he hates cans, still a funny line.
10.Abbott and Costello movies
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