Whitney Houston's New CD Coming Out Soon, Good Write Up

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Whitney Houston's New CD Coming Out Soon, Good Write Up

Postby thescout » Wed Jul 29, 2009 2:29 am

Here's a good write up about Whitney Houston's new CD releasing soon. Good to here she is motivated and her abilit y hasn't faded. Music needs Whitney Houston back since she is the rarest of talents when she's in top form. I hope the songs on this new CD are top level. There just seems to be few great songs that last over time nowadays compared to the 90's when Mariah and Whitney dominated. I hope she is over her drug habit and always felt hooking up with Bobby Brown was a terrible move that drug her down even further. It seems she took for granted her musical gifts and was unmotivated.I hope she has the fire back since she one of the few great singers can bring a house down when she is at her best.

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