Movies you might recommend to a friend

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Movies you might recommend to a friend

Postby thescout » Thu Nov 19, 2009 12:12 am

Movies you may have seen but would recommend to a friend. I am not talking about the usual suspects we all enjoy seeing but maybe some that went under the radar that were good.Here are a few of mine for now.

1.Amazon Women on the Moon - I saw this on HBO a long time ago and laughed my ass off.It's a movie that broken up into segments like 5-6 different stories that make up the film. Different plots so its like watching 5-6 different mini movies overall.
The first segment had an early Arsenio Hall in it. I remember he came home from work stuck his hand in the light socket and his hair blew up like Don King.Then he opened a soda a it went all over him.
Another segment had Ed ?? playing the invisible man but while he thought he was invisible everyone else could see him. A third segment was 3 goof ball astronauts visitng the moon and find beautiful women on it.Probably the funniest segment was a loser guy named Ray.He goes to the video store on a frieday night and the counter person recommends a movie. He goes back to his apartment puts in the tape and a beautiful buxom lady appears telling Ray to get naked on the tape. Then all of the sudden a psycho husband comes in who was Andrew Dice Clay and has a gun in his hand ready to kill Ray.Ray doesn't know what to think of the rented movie but anyway Diceman gets killed and the beautiful lady is pissed off at Ray for letting it happen. Anyway its a classic funny movie but an odd one to see.
2.Killer Clowns from Outer Space
3.Orphan - I know it just came out but I just saw this movie and it is underrated. You have to see this movie very good.
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Re: Movies you might recommend to a friend

Postby stiffanbond » Thu Apr 22, 2010 11:13 pm

i would like to say to watch vacancy or number 23 those are good movies or watch evan almighty but make sure you've seen bruce almighty first. If you are from technical then you should watch Italian job or Ocean 11.

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