Aaron Henry, FS, Wisconsin

Scouting reports of the safeties in the 2012 Draft.
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Aaron Henry, FS, Wisconsin

Postby Pudge » Sun Mar 11, 2012 2:07 pm

Wisconsin Senior
40: 4.50


Does a good job working in centerfield when he can keep things in front of him. Stays at home, and doesn't let receivers get behind him when workign the deep zones. Tracks the deep ball well and will make a play on the ball in the air, showing nice ball skills. Is able to sit back and read the QB's eyes and jump routes to make plays when they stare down reads. Shows decent closing burst on the ball and decent range. Will come upfield and make the stop on the crossing routes and slants. Can also break up those passes when working up near the box. Shows some closing burst on the ball in run support. Is able to cut the ballcarrier's legs at times to make the open field stop.


Is not a sound tackler. Ducks his head too much and rarely wraps up. When he breaks down, doesn't drive through the tackle, which results in him being forced to drag-down guys, ride them out of bounds, or whiffing altogether. Is not particularly physical run defender and can be tentative at times there. Takes poor angles in space and can get caught out of position against the cutback. Needs to play with a bit more discipline and awareness at times in coverage, biting on some throws and getting caught out of position. At times, he'll play the man rather than the ball when it's in the air. Struggles in man coverage because his hips and burst are lacking. Struggles to defend the deep passes and crossing routes because of those weaknesses. Has to give up too much cushion and not a guy that is going to make it hard to complete passes when he's lined up in man over the slot receiver.


Henry is a nice cover safety that is an underwhelming run defender. While he can make plays in coverage, he isn't exceptional there because he'll get himself into trouble from time to time. But he should be a nice free safety at the next level. His biggest issues are whether he has the ideal speed and range to really develop there, and whether his issues in run support will get the better of him if he's given significant minutes on defense. He began his career as a corner, but moved to safety as a junior.


(9/1) vs. UNLV: 1 target, 1 rec., 11 yds, 0 YAC, 0 TDs; 1 missed tackle
(10/1) vs. Nebraska: 2 tgt., 0 rec. 0 yds, 1 INT; 1 stuff
(12/3) vs. Michigan St: 3 tgt., 1 rec., 12 yds, 14 YAC, 0 TDs, 1 PD; 2 missed tackles
(1/2) vs. Oregon: 3 tgt., 2 rec., 56 yards (28.0 avg), 10 YAC, 0 TDs, 1 INT


2011: 13 GP/13 GS, 62 tackles, 3.0 TFLs, 1.0 sacks, 3 INTs, 4 PD, 0 FF, 0 FR
2010: 13/13-58-0.5-0.0-2-7-1-3; 4 PR, 13.3 avg, 0 TDs
2009: 13/3-18-0.0-0.0-0-4-0-0
2008: redshirt, torn ACL
2007: 12/2-38-3.5-3.5-1-2-1-0

- missed the final game of 2007 with a torn ACL, but re-tore it in August 2008, resulting in him missing that entire season


Henry does have enough potential to be a starter at the next level. His ability to play in coverage should make him an effective centerfielder in the pros. But he doesn't wow you there because he doesn't have the ideal range and speed to make a lot of plays there. But eventually if he develops, and a team plugs him into the starting lineup, he should be a functional guy. But he's not exactly the caliber of player that you're going to solidify your secondary with. Instead, he'll be a backup for most teams, and in that role I think he can add value to a team. He's not the type of guy that will struggle as a starter, but probably won't be good enough to really merit a team plugging him in long-term. His struggles in run support concern me, and I think unless he's playing on a defense that has a solid front seven, or another safety that is adept in run support, he can get overexposed there. He'll work best in a scheme that will play him more as a centerfielder, working more in deep zone coverage, which is where he's best at. You put him in man coverage, and he can struggle. And that's why as a full-time starter, he could struggle a bit too much to really trust. I think his best chance for success will be going to a team where he can sit and develop as a reserve for two or three years. Then he might be able to push for a starter's role, but I'd be surprised if he won a true competition. I think because of the durability concerns of most safeties, he's more likely to get his starting opportunity as an injury replacement. Assuming he can play on special teams, he should have a nice career as a backup. But safeties have a tendency to become journeyman if they haven't solidified a starting spot by the end of their rookie deals, and that's most likely to become Henry's future.


Henry has potential to be a better backup than Schillinger behind DeCoud. But he's not really a good candidate to potentially replace DeCoud as the starter. Like DeCoud, he's a guy that is better off playing more zone than man coverage. But he lacks DeCoud's range and speed, and certainly is a step back in run support. I wouldn't expect to outright replace Schillinger as a rookie, but I could see him playing at a high enough level in his initial camp to force the team to keep an extra safety. But more than likely, his first year or two on the roster he'll just play special teams much like Schillinger. Eventually he can surpass him on the depth chart and if an injury occurs he might make a capable stopgap, but he's not really a guy that is likely to develop into the heir apparent for DeCoud. More than likely, by the time his rookie contract expires, the team will let him walk.


Henry can add depth on the majority of teams

1-pathetic, 2-poor, 3-weak, 4-below average, 5-average, 6-above average, 7-good, 8-very good, 9-excellent, 10-elite

Speed: 5.5
Tackling: 3.5
Man Coverage: 4.0
Zone Coverage: 7.0
Ball Skills: 6.0
Range: 6.0
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