Kerry Meier, WR, Kansas

Scouting Reports for the 2010 NFL Draft prospects.
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Kerry Meier, WR, Kansas

Postby Pudge » Tue Jul 28, 2015 4:55 pm

Kansas Senior

PROS: Has good hands and will lay out for the tough grabs. Not afraid to deliver blow to defender after the catch. Does a good job looking the ball in before turning upfield. Shows potential as a blocker, able to get position out in space. Most effective on shorter and pick routes.

CONS: Body catches at times. Lacks speed to stretch the field. Needs to polish up his route-running. Lacks strength and technique to take on linebackers as a blocker.

OVERVIEW: He's a former quarterback that was the starter as a freshman before losing his job to Todd Reesing the following year. He was moved to wide receiver that year and has made steady improvement. Led the team in receptions this past year, with 97 catches for 1045 yards (10.8 avg), and 8 touchdowns.

NFL FORECAST: Meier is going to be hard-pressed to stick as a receiver at the next level. He just doesn't have the quickness or polish to really think he can impact in the near future there. He's a hard-working guy that was a good athlete for a quarterback, but just doesn't compare when it comes to receivers. I think he's a player that is going to have to move to H-back and thus to tight end in the future. I think his career could mirror that of Billy Miller (Saints), who entered the league as a big receiver, did relatively nothing in three years in Denver. And then upon leaving Denver for Houston began to develop into a capable receiving tight end and backup. But his length to impact is going to be fairly long. And the team that drafts him will have to be patient with him. He'll need to bulk up significantly, improve and develop as a blocker. And in the mean time, he's going to have to try and compete on special teams. But like many other wide receivers-turned-tight ends, he's unlikely to contribute much in his first three or so years. More than likely, like Miller, he'll be more successful with his second and/or third team than the one that drafts him. But because of his work ethic, I think he can eventually make it work.

ATL FORECAST: Meier would have a hard time sticking in Atlanta unless they tried to employ him as an H-back off the bat. But he would likely sit the bench early on because he doesn't offer a ton of value as a receiver or blocker. He would have to sit on the practice squad for probably two hole years before he could be expected to contribute much of anything. And even then, it probably won't be a lot. There are simply better undersized H-backs out there to think Meier would bring a lot to the table in his first few years as a Falcon. And even then, his upside at best is as a backup receiving tight end that offers depth in case a starter gets hurt rather than being a regular part of the offense.

VALUE: Meier is too much of a tweener and project to be worth drafting. But for a team that is willing to wait three or four years for him to contribute, it wouldn't be crazy to use a late seventh round pick on him. But again, it's more than likely that team will be developing him for someone else rather than themselves.

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