Mike Martin, DT, Michigan

Scouting reports of the defensive tackles in the 2012 Draft.
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Mike Martin, DT, Michigan

Postby Pudge » Sat Apr 21, 2012 8:07 pm

Michigan Senior
40: 4.84


Has a nice first step that does a good job pressing the line of scrimmage. His first step allows him to consistently get leverage against the run, especially when he's lined up at the nose. Does a good job attacking gaps, getting penetration and disrupting running plays in the backfield. Shows ability to get off blocks and make stops on the backside pursuit. Uses a nice swim move to beat the guard or center. Flashes good short-area power with the ability to jolt the guard off the ball when working on stunts. Does a nice job stacking and shedding at the point of attack because of his ability to consistently get leverage. Has a good motor, and won't quit when double teamed. Effective at working his way off blocks even if initially negated by strength due to his motor. Shows ability to line up in multiple techniques and still get pressure and be disruptive.


Has a short, squat build. Doesn't have the ideal quickness and burst as a pass rusher. Doesn't really have many moves, and tends to rely on his quickness to beat the blocker. Doesn't always consistently get off blocks at the point of attack. Will get washed out of plays by blockers. Not great when he's dropping in coverage and working in space, as he lacks fluidity athletically.


Martin played nose tackle when Michigan was using a 3-man front under Rich Rodriguez, and played that this past year when they reverted back to a 4-man front. He stood out to me a year ago when I was scouting Ryan Van Bergen, and noticed Martin's strength, killer instinct, and motor. He's a player that doesn't have the ideal build or physical tools, but will have a much longer and more productive career than a lot of players that are drafted ahead of him because he'll win by sheer will and toughness. He was a state wrestling champ as a junior in high school.


(9/10) vs. Notre Dame: 1 TFL, 1 stuff
(9/24) vs. San Diego St: 1 stuff, 1 pressure
(11/12) at Illinois: 1.5 stuff, 0.5 sacks, 1 pressure, 1 QB hit, 1 penalty (offsides)
(1/3) vs. Virginia Tech: 0.5 TFLs, 2 stuffs, 2 pressures


2011: 13 GP/13 GS, 64 tackles, 6.0 TFLs, 3.5 sacks, 0 INTs, 0 PDs, 0 FF, 0 FR
2010: 12/12-37-6.0-2.5-0-0-0-0
2009: 12/12-51-8.5-2.0-0-0-1-0
2008: 12/0-20-4.5-2.0-0-0-0-0

- missed 1 game in 2010 due to an ankle injury


Martin's lack of ideal physical tools are obvious, and it may prevent him from being a good starter at the next level. But it won't stop him from being a contributor. He's a player that I think has a good enough motor that he can overcome things for the most part. If a time-traveler came back from five years in the future and told me Martin would become a 260-pound 3-4 outside linebacker similar to Jarret Johnson, I would believe it. If they told me he turned into a 310-pound 3-4 nose tackle like Kelly Gregg I would also believe that too. I'd even believe that he could become an solid, but unspectacular 4-3 tackle like Kyle Williams. All of these are potential futures that wouldn't surprise me if Martin ended up achieving. But if I was a betting man, I would probably put more stock in the potential future that he winds up being another Anthony Adams/Derek Landri/Gary Gibson type of player. Players that are solid No. 3/rotation guys and can be effective stopgap starters, but not guys you are likely to commit to long-term in the starting lineup. Martin's forte will be run stuffing, and I think he has the versatility to play the nose in either a 4-man or 3-man front. On teams that employ hybrid defenses, he'll probably be at his best. Michigan used a lot of multiple looks this past year with their blitzes, similar to NFL teams, and Martin performed very well. So he's a guy that I think can come in right away and contribute in some team's rotation. He's more the type of guy that teams will use on first and second down, and probably pull ideally on third downs. He can be a decent pass rusher because he can press the pocket, and with his high motor he can make some plays. But he's probably never going to be the type of player that makes more than 2 or 3 sacks in a given season. As I said earlier, he'll have a long, productive career either as a top-level backup or he'll be a solid to good starter. He'll always be considered more of a role player than an impact guy by most but he's the type of guy that in the right role can make impact guys around him that much better. Similar to guys I mentioned before like Johnson, Gregg, and Williams, he's a "glue" guy.


Kyle Williams, Bills.


Martin would be a nice pikcup by the Falcons because of his versatility to be effective both as a one and two-gap player. He can play the nose and be a guy that can help out their rotation there. Had he been a guy playing beside Jonathan Babineaux in his prime, he could have really made him into a much better player than he was. He could help out guys like Peters and whoever else the Falcons would have on the interior. He'd be a guy that could potentially earn a starting spot for this team in two or so years because the coaching staff will love his motor, toughness, and work ethic. Nolan had players such as Gregg for him in Baltimore, and it's likely that he would groom Martin to have a similar role here in Atlanta if the Falcons were to move more to a base 3-4 look.


Martin's physical tools and upside makes him comparable with guys typically taken in the fourth and fifth rounds. But because of his high motor and relative safety as a guy that can definitely contribute, he wouldn't be a reach as early as the third round, especially for a hybrid scheme.

1-pathetic, 2-poor, 3-weak, 4-below average, 5-average, 6-above average, 7-good, 8-very good, 9-excellent, 10-elite

Strength: 8.0
Point of Attack: 7.0
Quickness: 6.0
Pass Rush: 5.5
Motor: 9.0
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