Billy Winn, DT/DE, Boise State

Scouting reports of the defensive tackles in the 2012 Draft.
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Billy Winn, DT/DE, Boise State

Postby Pudge » Fri Apr 13, 2012 8:09 pm

Boise State Senior
40: 4.95


Has good quickness and is able to shoot gaps and be a disruptive penetrator in the middle of the defense. Has enough quickness to shoot inside against the guard or when working on the edge against the tackle at the five-technique. Can get good push upfield off the snap and get leverage at the point of attack. Shows ability to hold the point, stack and shed blockers to make stops. Will use the swim move to get off blcoks and does a nice job using his hands to try and disengage. Has pretty good range to chase and make plays laterally in pursuit.


Needs to improve his technique and do a better job disengaging from blocks at the point of attack. Will get pushed off the ball a bit when he lines up over the center at the nose tackle. Can get knocked off his rush at times. Tends to rely on his quickness to win his matchups and needs to add more moves to his pass rushing repertoire. His motor isn't always running hot all of the time.


Winn is a good player that will flash ability to be a very disruptive presence on defense. He plays mostly the three-technique in Boise State's 4-3 front, but they often will utilize a lot of 3-man looks and he'll usually kick out to end. Although he'll get some reps at the nose, but he's not great there. He projects well as an end in a 3-4 or as a 4-3 defensive tackle. He was their most disruptive player a year ago, but other players have been able to surpass him somewhat and not always the guy that could consistently impact in games.


(9/3) at Georgia: 1 sack; 3 pressures, 1 TFL, 2.5 stuffs
(9/16) at Toledo: 2 stuffs
(11/12) vs. TCU: N/A, no production
(11/19) at San Diego St: 1 TFL, 1 PD


2011: 13 GP/12 GS, 33 tackles, 8.0 TFLs, 3.0 sacks, 0 INTs, 1 PD, 0 FF, 1 FR
2010: 13/13-28-9.5-4.0-0-1-1-2
2009: 14/14-44-12.5-6.0-0-3-0-1
2008: 13/2-26-5.5-2.5-0-2-1-0
2007: redshirted

- missed start vs. TCU in 2011 with a knee injury


Winn should be able to compete and produce in either a 3-4 or 4-3 scheme. He's probably a bit better cast as a 3-4 guy since he's probably never going to be the top-level pass rusher or disruptor that most 4-3 teams want inside, particularly as a starter. I think in a 4-3 scheme, he should develop into a solid rotational player and run defender, particularly if he was to add a bit more bulk and mass to his frame. There, he would probably work well as a complementary guy as a disruptive run defender. But he probably won't be the sort of consistent producer that makes him an ideal starter because he's not going to be a dynamic rusher from the 3-technique, his best position inside, nor will he be the sort of plugger you want at the nose spot. That's probably why his upside to be a starter is probably a bit higher in a 3-4 scheme. He's a pretty solid stack and shed guy, and you like the fact that he already does a nice job using his hands. He needs to get better in that regard as all collegiate tackles do, but he's ahead of the curve. As a 5-technique end, he has a bit more upside and can make a better fit as a starter. Even there, he's not guaranteed to be a starter. He could be a nice rotational player there early on and within two or so years if he improves his technique and gets a bit stronger, he should become a solid starter. He'll probably never be an impact defender in either scheme, but a solid run defender that can contribute 2 or 3 sacks as a pass rusher.


Winn would be a good pickup for the Falcons because of his potential to play in either a 4-3 or 3-4 scheme as a one or two gap defender. He should be a nice boost to the rotation inside early on, and if/when the team starts to transition to a 3-4 down the road, then he could easily kick outside to the end spot and play some 5-technique. He's versatile, disruptive, but also can be a nice stack and shed player, making him a good fit in a potential hybrid scheme like what the Falcons could be employing going forward.


Because Winn isn't going to be an impact defender then taking him before the third round would be a reach. But in the latter half of the third round or fourth round he would be very good value.

1-pathetic, 2-poor, 3-weak, 4-below average, 5-average, 6-above average, 7-good, 8-very good, 9-excellent, 10-elite

Strength: 6.5
Point of Attack: 7.0
Quickness: 7.0
Pass Rush: 5.5
Motor: 5.5
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