Bobby Massie, OT, Mississippi

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Bobby Massie, OT, Mississippi

Postby Pudge » Tue Apr 17, 2012 6:28 pm

Mississippi Junior
40: 5.23


A tall, thick, long-armed prospect that looks the part of an NFL tackle. Has nice pop off the snap, able to get position and leverage. Able to make the seal block on the edge. Is comfortable playing in space and blocking downfield. Able to square up the linebacker, lock on, and drive him downfield on the second level. Has nice, quick feet and plays with decent knee bend at times. Will get extension with his long arms and initiate contact at times, able to redirect rushers off the edge. Does a nice job finishing his blocks and flashes good mean streak from time to time.


Has sloppy footwork and struggles to match up against speed. Has difficulty staying in front of an edge rusher and too easily gives up the corner to allow him to go around him. Has to open his stance and has a tendency to slide his feet. Will set up too wide at times, and give up the easy inside counter. Needs to do a better job keeping his hands high and tight upon his set and doesn't consistently initiate contact. Will get jolted back by the edge rusher because of it. Will duck his head and get overextended as a run blocking, causing him to lose his balance. Can struggle at times to get through the trash and release onto the second level.


Massie was the next big thing at Ole Miss after Michael Oher, and while they are similar prospects, Massie hasn't shown enough to think he has Oher's upside. He's got the physical tools with the size, long arms, and athleticism, but his footwork and technique are too sloppy. And Massie struggles to impact either as a pass protector or run blocker despite his upside. He's a player that probably could have used another year in school to make that next step, but as of now he's a bit too raw despite good upside. Went to Hargrave Military Academy before enrolling at Ole Miss.


(10/1) at Fresno St: 1 key block; 1 pressure; Downfield: 1/1; 1 penalty (false start)
(11/5) at Kentucky: 1 key block; 1 missed block, 2 pressures, 1 sack; Downfield: 2/2


2011: 12 GP/12 GS, right tackle
2010: 12/12, right tackle
2009: 13/5, right tackle


Massie has upside, but I would not expect him to be a major contributor early in his NFL career. While he has the tools to make an effective left tackle, there's going to need to be quite a bit of polish slapped on his game before you can expect him to hold up there. A team might be able to get away with him being an effective stopgap starter there for a couple of games down the road, but any NFL team hoping he can develop as a bookend on that side is setting themselves up for disaster. Instead, he's better off being developed as a right tackle in the hopes that he can learn on the job in a year or two and develop into a more consistent player. But unless he really takes to NFL coaching, I don't see him as a guy that will ever truly be a consistent guy. Especially if a team throws him to the wolves sooner rather than later. If you were to sit him for a year or two, and give him sporadic reps as a starter, then I think that would be the best method of developing him. But he's a player that I think won't really be an effective starter until three to five years down the line. And even then, he'll probably just be closer to an average starter. It would be easy to call him a boom/bust prospect, but I think calling him a potential bust is not quite accurate. Because I think Massie can become a solid starter, but I think the expectations because of his physical upside will be considerable higher than they really should be for a player of his skill. He can become a good complementary starter at the next level that might take some development time. I think the team that drafts him may come away disappointed with his development after four years, and he might go onto be a solid, but unspectacular starting right tackle for his next NFL team who never place such lofty expectations on him.


Massie would not be a great fit in Atlanta because of his limited ability to play left side. He's just not a guy you want to trust to protect your starter's blindside. He could be a nice developmental option as a reserve right tackle, and perhaps even get a look or two inside at guard. But unless the Falcons plan to move Clabo inside in a couple of years, then he is likely a career backup here in Atlanta that might make a capable swing tackle.


Massie has second round upside, but really should go in the third because of his potential length to impact may take the better part of his rookie deal.

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