Landon Walker, OT, Clemson

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Landon Walker, OT, Clemson

Postby Pudge » Tue Apr 17, 2012 4:51 pm

Clemson Senior
40: 5.45


Has good size and decent footwork. Shows ability to kick-slide on the edge and initiate contact in pass protection. Does a nice job getting the seal block on the edge and able to block down on the defensive tackle. Shows some ability as a cut blocker. Flashes some push and potential as a drive blocker. Takes decent angles when blocking on the second level, and able to redirect the linebacker there. Flashes mean streak and consistently finishes his blocks.


Is a limited athlete, and is not fluid or natural when moving in space. Struggles to match up with speed on the edge, consistently being forced to open his stance and not stay square. Gets overextended when trying to deliver punch on the edge. Lets defender get under his pads and turn the corner too effectively. Struggles to adjust at times to the inside counter move. Has to gear up to deliver a punch, and even then it's not all that effective in pss protection. Doesn't get his hands up quickly when he's setting up. Gives too much ground to the bull rush and is a waist bender. Has only average pop as a run blocker and doesn't consistently get position, especially when asked to block on the move. Can be slow to get to his assignments on the second level, and struggles to adjust in space to moving targets. Won't lock onto the linebacker there.


Walker is at times an effective right tackle that can win in a short-area. But when you get him on an island or in space, his athletic limitations and subpar technique get exposed. He's a player that if he was better using his hands, he could get by at the next level. But that's second only too his feet in terms of the weakest aspect of his game. And that doesn't make a great recipe for success, especially on the outside. If he's going to carve a role in the NFL, it will likely come as a guard.


(10/1) at Virginia Tech: 1 missed block, 2 pressures; Downfield: 0/1; Cut: 0/1
(10/22) vs. North Carolina: Cut: 2/4
(1/5) vs. West Virginia: 1 sack, 1 pressure


2011: 14 GP/14 GS, right tackle
2010: 13/13, right tackle
2009: 14/12, right tackle
2008: 12/10, right tackle
2007: redshirted


Walker has some ability that he can work as a reserve right tackle. But he's very limited, and if he were to get extended minutes at the next level, he would be severely exposed against speed. If he was able to get some time to sit and learn how to use his hands better, then he might stand a chance. His feet aren't terrible, but because he can't set up and deliver a punch on the edge, it exposes the fact that most NFL defensive ends will be able to beat him. As a guard, his athletic limitations won't be as apparent, and he has enough ability that he can be functional in a phone booth. He wouldn't be a particularly good guard, but a guy that can add some depth. If he develops, then perhaps he might make an OK emergency injury fill-in, but he's not the type of guy that if he gets such an opportunity is going to leave his team thinking positive things afterwards. Unless he really improves his footwork and technique, then he'll be hard-pressed to be more than a practice squad guy and last beyond a few summers in the pros.


Walker can be a nice camp body that could impress the coaching staff with his mean streak enough to think he could have an outside shot at a practice squad. But he would need time to fill out his frame a bit better, particularly if he was to move inside at guard. Even then, eventually he'll probably be hard-pressed to make the Falcons roster two or so years down the road, but at least can foster competition.


Walker isn't worth drafting because he's relatively unpolished and athletically limited. But he'd be a decent addition for a team looking for bodies to increase competition in camp.

1-pathetic, 2-poor, 3-weak, 4-below average, 5-average, 6-above average, 7-good, 8-very good, 9-excellent, 10-elite

Strength: 6.5
Pass Blocking: 4.0
Run Blocking: 4.5
Footwork: 4.0
Technique: 4.0
Mobility: 4.0
Mean Streak: 6.0
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