George Bryan, TE, N.C. State

Scouting reports of the tight ends in the 2012 Draft.
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George Bryan, TE, N.C. State

Postby Pudge » Thu Jan 19, 2012 8:19 pm

N.C. State Senior
40: 5.10e


Has nice hands and does a good job extending and catching the ball away from his body. Will adjust to throws behind him. Has good size and can use it to get position as a receiver over the middle and make the grab in traffic. Also will use his size to get position as a blocker on the kick-out block. Will occasionally show ability to lock onto the end or linebacker and drive him down the field. Will flash some pop in a short-area as an inline blocker.


Lacks speed and burst. Slow into his routes and struggles to build speed even when working out of the slot. Doesn't get a good release off the line, especially when covered up by a defender. Doesn't have the burst to separate from defenders and will wait on the ball at times which allows defenders to close and break up the pass at times. Tends to drop the passes when he's forced to adjust to the inaccurate throw. Is inconsistent blocker with limited pop and balance as an inline blocker. Whiffs on too many blocks and assignments and gets overextended too often. Needs to better use his hands.


Bryan is a productive pass-catcher that offers good size and potential as a blocker, but he's underwhelming there. ANd his lack of speed is his biggest obstacle to producing at the next level. He didn't have as strong a senior year as he did in previous years, probably due to the change at QB, causing him to get off to a slower start. But he finished the year strong, catching 19 passes for 193 yards (10.2 avg) and 2 TDs in the last 4 games. Bryan projects as a backup at the next level, that his success in the pros will likely largely depend on his ability to develop as a blocker.


(9/22) at Cincinnati: 3 targets, 2 catches, 19 yards (9.5 avg), 12 YAC (6.0 avg), 0 TDs, 0 drops
(10/22) at Virginia: 1 target, 0 catches, 1 drop
(12/27) vs. Louisville: 4 targets, 3 catches, 29 yards (9.7 avg), 9 YAC (3.0 avg), 0 TDs, 1 drop


2011: 13 GP/13 GS, 33 catches, 331 yards (10.0 avg), 4 TDs
2010: 13/9-35-369-10.5-3
2009: 12/11-40-422-10.6-6
2008: 13/7-18-201-11.2-4
2007: redshirted


Bryan has the size you want as a blocker, but he's never really developed there. He flashes potential from time to time, but lacks the consistency and ability you would want to see in a player with his size. Instead, when you watch him block, you would think his skill level compares to someone that is 20 pounds lighter. He is a nice, fairly reliable receiver but he lacks the speed and burst to really exploit it on the next level. He's more effective in college because of his size. And he'll struggle to separate from NFL-level defenders in order to get open. Thus, his potential as a receiver is very limited except perhaps the occasional opportunity in the redzone. More than likely, he'll struggle to catch more than 10-15 passes in any given NFL season. If Bryan can develop as a blocker, he does offer some value and potential as a No. 2 TE in most offenses. The problem is that he's still raw there and while he does offer long-term value he may struggle to make an NFL roster initially until he can prove himself as a blocker. Eventually, you could see him developing into a decent No. 2 TE that is primarily a blocker similar to Tony Stewart. Unfortunately however, he'll have a hard time sticking in one place like Stewart because teams will always be seeing players with a bit more upside as a receiver to replace him with.


Tony Stewart, TE, Raiders (formerly)


Bryan offers upside to help out the Falcons as an inline blocker similar to the role that Reggie Kelly provided this past year. But he's not ready to do so, and thus would be hard-pressed to make the Falcons roster. He is a nice receiver, but would rarely ever get opportunities there much like Kelly. The thing with Bryan is that he compares to the old,er version of Kelly that played with the Falcons this past year as compared to the younger version of Kelly that the team drafted. Thus he is probably a practice squad player at best for the Falcons that will struggle to stick long-term unless he shows rapid improvement as a blocker.


Bryan has enough skills to be worth a seventh round draft pick because he does offer some potential to add depth at the next level. But unless a team really likes his blocking potential and willing to hide him on their depth chart for a year or two, then he is probably more inline with a priority free agent. And more than likely, the only teams that could really value him enough to draft are teams that see their tight ends purely as blockers like those that run offenses coordinator by Mike Martz, or his disciples such as Al Saunders.

1-pathetic, 2-poor, 3-weak, 4-below average, 5-average, 6-above average, 7-good, 8-very good, 9-excellent, 10-elite

Speed: 2.0
Hands: 6.5
Blocking: 4.0
Body Control: 5.0
Range: 3.5
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