Doug Martin, RB, Boise State

Scouting reports of the running backs and fullbacks in the 2012 Draft
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Doug Martin, RB, Boise State

Postby Pudge » Sat Feb 04, 2012 1:00 pm

Boise State Senior
40: 4.50e


Has good balance to stay on his feet. Hard to tackle in the open field, and will make the spin move to make defenders miss in space. Is able to side-step penetrating defender in backfield and able to make the first defender miss. Has good burst and quickness out of his cuts. Has nice feet and will bounce plays outside on occasion. Does his best work between the tackles when he gets north and south. Runs with good straight-line burst when he can square his shoulders and get downhill. Lowers pads and delivers blow to defender in the hole. Is an effective short-yardage back due to his burst to the hole. Keeps his feet moving after contact and has a good nose for the endzone and first down marker. Has a good stiff arm. Is a patient runner and follows his blocks. Has good hands and adjusts well to the throw in the air. Is good on screens and his ability to make guys miss in space allows him to make some big plays after the catch. Is capable in pass protection, squaring up blitzer on the edge. Shows nice vision when he works on kickoff returns when he can find a seam and get downhill.


Has only average top-end speed and is not great when he's running outside the tackles because of it. Doesn't have great burst to bounce plays outside for big gains. Not as effective when he gets east and west. Doesn't always wow you with his vision. Will get blown up and miss assignments in pass protection. Doesn't have great acceleration to get up to speed quickly on kickoff returns.


Martin is a solid all-around rusher with nice balance, burst, and runs hard for his size. He's not a homerun threat, but he's a guy that can consistently get yardage and is a difficult runner to bring down despite not being the biggest guy. He's elusive and power with his compact build. He's a good asset to have in the passing game and shouldn't have a huge learning curve in pass protection as a rookie. He was a backup linebacker at the beginning of his sophomore year, but moved back to offense due to an injury to D.J. Harper. He split carries with Jeremy Avery that year, but then took over the lead role the following year and never really looked back.


(9/3) at Georgia: 24 att., 57 yds, 2.4 avg, 39 YAC, 1 TDs
(9/16) at Toledo: 19 att., 70 yds, 3.7 avg, 24 YAC, 0 TDs; 5 tgt., 5 rec., 122 yds, 135 YAC, 0 TDs
(11/19) at Boise St: 35 att., 125 yds, 3.6 avg, 41 YAC, 0 TDs; 4 tgt., 3 rec., 14 yds, 17 YAC, 0 TDs; Fumble: 1; Sacks Allowed: 1


2011: 13 GP/12 GS, 263 att., 1299 yds, 4.9 avg, 16 TDs; 28 rec., 255 yds, 2 TDs; 10 KO ret., 33.8 avg, 1 TDs
2010: 13/13-201-1260-6.3-12; 28-338-2; 0-0.0-0
2009: 14/0-129-765-5.9-15; 8-68-0; 6-29.7-0
2008: 11/0-24-107-4.5-0; 3-54-0; 10-22.3-0
2007: redshirt

- missed 1 game in 2011 with a sprained ankle
- missed 2 games in 2008 with a hamstring injury


Martin is a guy that should be able to carve out a niche relatively quickly as a third down back. While he's not the most polished guy in pass protection, he is comfortable working there and his learning curve won't be as high as most incoming rookies. He's a good receiver and as an outlet receiver and in an offense that likes to use screens, he can be an asset. He's a powerful runner despite not being the biggest guy because of his compact build and hard-running style makes it hard to get a square hit on him. He has the potential to be a lead back at the next level if he can develop. But he's not likely to be that player immediately. The one major thing missing from his game is the lack of top-end speed. But in reality, I never really thought Ray Rice was all that fast when he was at Rutgers, but he apparently was much quicker and more explosive than he looked on tape. Now, I don't think Martin is at that level, but he's one of those guys that might be a bit more deceptively quick than he appears. I think he could be described as a poor man's Ray Rice, just may lack that top-end speed to really be a dynamic threat. He might be more like a Joseph Addai, although I think he probably straddles that spectrum somewhere in the middle between those two guys. A good comparison would be Ahmad Bradshaw. I like the fact that he has experience playing on defense, which means that I think he should also have little issue playing on special teams if need be as a rookie. But his long-term potential is on offense. I think initially he's a guy that will be a nice complementary piece that by his second or third year, could really start to get more extensive reps on offense similar to Bradshaw in New York. Behind a good offensive line and in the right offense, he can be a very productive rusher that you are comfortable with giving 15-20 touches a game. I wouldn't say he's got the potential to be one of the elite running backs in the league like Rice, but certainly has enough ability to be one of the Top 15 or so guys. He's not going to be the type of runner that can carry your offense much like many of the top backs do, but he can definitely give most offenses a good deal of balance.


Ahmad Bradshaw, Giants.


Martin would be a good fit in Atlanta because he's similar-styled player to Maurice Jones-Drew because of his value in the passing game and his physical running style despite not having great size. He should be a good fit in Dirk Koetter's offense that can come in immediately, add value behind guys like Rodgers and/or Turner. Going forward, he could be a nice 1-2 punch alongside Rodgers that they can split reps. Martin is more of the between the tackles, short-yardage guy, while Rodgers is probably a bit more explosive. But both guys are good fits to be guys that split reps and each get around 10-15 touches per game. Eventually, I would imagine Martin would probably be more of the lead back on the ground because he's built better to be a guy that can get 20 or so carries a game, while Rodgers will be more of the passing game specialist. It could a similar dynamic to what the Saints are trying to build with Mark Ingram and Darren Sproles going forward, with Martin filling the Ingram role.


Martin relative to many rookie runners can probably come in right away and be a decent option on third downs, which makes him a solid Day 2 depth piece, comparable to how the 49ers used Kendall Hunter this past year. He's probably more in line with third round talent, but would not be too much of a reach if a team targeted him in the middle-to-late portion of the second round.

1-pathetic, 2-poor, 3-weak, 4-below average, 5-average, 6-above average, 7-good, 8-very good, 9-excellent, 10-elite

Speed: 5.0
Power: 7.0
Agility: 6.0
Vision: 6.0
Hands: 8.0
Blocking: 7.0
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