Doing things a little differently this year...

Scouting reports by FalcFans members of prospects for the 2012 NFL Draft.
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Doing things a little differently this year...

Postby Pudge » Thu Jan 19, 2012 1:31 pm

I've posted my first scouting report. I probably won't get as many up as I did last year as I still have a bunch of tape to watch. So you probably won't really start to see a bunch of profiles coming until February/March which is what I'm shooting for. But I've changed some things from my former profiles.

This year when I was watching games, I was charting prospects statistically, and I'll include those stats and which games I watched this year as part of my profiles. I'll also include their career numbers and any relevant notes as usual. I'll usually talk about it in the "NFL Forecast" section of my profiles, but I'll list any player comparisons separately so that if someone is skimming they will be able to easily see it since these profiles/scouting reports will be a bit longer than they used to be.

On the skill ratings, instead of the former 5-point scale, I'm going to a 10-point scale which will be:

4-below average
6-above average
8-very good
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