Zach Enyeart, LS, Washington State

Scouting reports of the kickers, punts, and long snappers in the 2011 Draft.
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Zach Enyeart, LS, Washington State

Postby Pudge » Fri Mar 18, 2011 9:18 pm

Washington State Senior


Has very good zip and velocity on his punt snaps. Does a nice job on fiedld goals and extra points there. Flashes good accuracy to fit tight windows on his punt snaps. Shows some ability to block on punts and for kicks.


His accuracy can be inconsistent. Can be slightly off on his punts, forcing the punter to make a small sidestep to get the ball. Accuracy on field goals is a little more erratic, and can be low or high on some snaps. Mediocre in coverage when working on punts.


Enyeart has the velocity you really like to see in a young snapper, and that is an area where he is fairly consistent. It's the accuracy that is a bit more iffy. He doesn't have bad snaps, but he doesn't have consistently good and tight placement, which makes his punter and holder work a bit harder than they should have to. But with polish he should be able to get more consistent there. Handled all the snapping chores all four years at Washington State, taking over the gig two games into his freshman year.


Enyeart can come in and compete for a job, but because his accuracy can be a bit too erratic, he shouldn't be a significant challenger for an established veteran. He's not a guy that I would want my team to rely upon right out of the gates. He doesn't make the critical mistakes, but his inability to put the ball consistently in the same spot on field goals is concerning because it could potentially throw off the timing of the kicker. Again, he's a guy that can come in and do the job as a rookie in the NFL, but he would be better off getting a few years to really polish it up. He does seem to have what it takes to be a snapper long-term in the league, but he may be forced to bounce around the league for a summer or two before he's trustworthy enough.


He's not better than Zelenka, and wouldn't be able to unseat him in a fair competition. He's good enough to make the practice squad with an eye to keeping him around as a potential successor to Zelenka in 2012 should he not be re-signed after this year. But it's not really worth the Falcons time since it's not as if you a backup snapper is going to get a ton of reps. He could stick in Atlanta long-term, but he's not a real threat to land that job in 2011.


For a team desperate for a young snapper, he could get looks in the late sixth or seventh round. But since he's not a strong bet to make the roster initially, he's better value if you can get him as an undrafted guy.

1-poor, 2-weak, 3-above average, 4-very good, 5-elite

Velocity: 4.0
Accuracy: 3.0
Coverage: 2.0
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