Alex Frye, SS, Wake Forest

Scouting reports of the safeties in the 2011 Draft.
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Alex Frye, SS, Wake Forest

Postby Pudge » Tue Mar 29, 2011 11:42 am

Wake Forest Senior
40: 4.76


Has good closing burst and is active when coming up to defend the run. Has decent speed and range when defending the run. Shows ability to shoot gaps and make plays in the backfield. Willing to deliver a hit on the receiver over the middle or on the sideline to break up a pass. Shows enough ball skills to contest some throws over the middle.


Has tall, thin build. Tackles too high at times and will whiff on stops in the open field. Takes some poor angles at times on the edge. Can be late reacting to assignments and doesn't have great awareness or ball skills. Lacks footwork and hips to match up against slot receivers.


Frye has a similar build to ex-Falcon safety Corey Hall, and plays similarly to him. Had some durability issues at Wake Forest, but showed decent production. He looked limited in the first game I saw, but made some plays in the second. Enough so to make me think he has a shot in the pros. Finished his senior year with 3 picks and 55 tackles, his best season.


Frye is a player that is going to have make plays on specail teams to stick at the next level. While he shows some ability to make plays vs. the run and shows some toughness there, he lacks the size and speed that NFL teams are really going to like his upside there. And he's too limited in coverage to think he makes an impact there. So his ability to stick on the next level is solely reliant on him impacting on special teams. And even if he does perform well there, he'll still be hard-pressed to stick long-term because eventually the team will bring in reserve safeties with better tools to develop on defense that will likely push him to the way side. The only hope for him is probably to bulk up some more and be more of a run-defending strong safety in most schemes. Probably the best he can hope for is to be a journeyman practice squad player, and an injury occurs that gives him a lucky break and he impresses enough with his play on special teams that a team gives him a shot to stick around for a year or two.


Frye can compete for a reserve spot in Atlanta, but he's mainly a camp body that will have to show great toughness and ability on special teams to even make the Falcons practice squad. His lack of long-term upside to be an impact defender on defense.


Frye isn't worth drafting, but a team should bring him to camp to see what he can do.

1-poor, 2-weak, 3-above average, 4-very good, 5-elite

Speed: 2.5
Tackling: 2.5
Coverage: 2.0
Ball Skills: 2.0
Range: 2.0
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