Brandon Hogan, CB, West Virginia

Scouting reports of the cornerbacks in the 2011 Draft.
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Brandon Hogan, CB, West Virginia

Postby Pudge » Mon Mar 28, 2011 5:30 pm

West Virginia Senior
40: 4.50e


Has good speed and burst and shows ability to close on the receiver to prevent yards after the catch. Shows some ability in zone coverage and can keep things in front of him in off coverage. Shows some ball skills there to break up pass and make a play on the ball. Shows toughness and physicality in run support. Willing to set the edge against the fullback, and wraps up at the point of attack. Will deliver hit after the catch to the receiver. Works as a returner and shows some speed and burst on kickoffs and when he can get upfield on punts.


Undersized and struggles to match up against size. Will whiff on some stops in run support and needs to take better angles to the ball on the edge. Needs to improve his footwork and technique. Doesn't have a smooth backpedal, and doesn't show the burst and ability to drive on the ball in off coverage. Lacks ideal ball skills and awareness to jump and anticipate routes. Doesn't do a good job turning and locating the ball on the deep route and will draw the penalty there because of it. Doesn't have great hips to turn and run on the deeper routes. Dances a bit too much as a punt returner.


Hogan is an undersized, but athletic corner that probably projects best playing in a Cover-2 scheme. He has tools to compete at the next level, but needs to polish up his footwork and technique, and doesn't have the awareness and ball skills to really love his chances. He tore his ACL in December and isn't likely to do much as a rookie, so he's more a developmental project for the future. Average 8.9 yards on 22 career punt returns, and 19.3 yards on 8 career kickoff returns. He began his career as a receiver and moved to cornerback as a sophomore. Started three years, combining for 7 picks and 24 pass breakups in those years.


Hogan sort of reminds me of Allen Rossum in that he shows toughness for his size, but he's overmatched in coverage and will have to shine on special teams. But I think he is a better corner than Rossum was and probably compares more to a smaller version of Chris Houston in those regards. In a Cover-2 scheme, I think he can stick and compete as a nickel corner. But until he becomes more polished and discipline, he'll struggle in that role. More than likely, he'll be a capable No. 4 corner with the upside to be more, but his ability to stick early in his NFL career will depend a lot on his special teams ability.


Hogan can compete for a reserve spot in Atlanta, but unless he polishes up his footwork/technique, he'll be overmatched here. The best he can hope for as a rookie is to land on the practice squad and hope that over his first year or two he can pick up some traits from Brent Grimes. But in the end, unless the team falls in love with his special teams ability or he shows he's a quick learner, then he's a guy that will be hard-pressed to stick long-term.


If he was 100%, then Hogan would probably be worth a fifth round pick for a Cover-2 team looking for depth. But due to the ACL tear, he's probably not worth drafting since his rookie year is likely to be a wash.

1-poor, 2-weak, 3-above average, 4-very good, 5-elite

Speed: 3.5
Man Coverage: 3.0
Zone Coverage: 3.0
Tackling: 3.0
Ball Skills: 2.5
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