Ugo Chinasa, DE/OLB, Oklahoma State

Scouting reports of the defensive ends in the 2011 Draft.
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Ugo Chinasa, DE/OLB, Oklahoma State

Postby Pudge » Sun Apr 03, 2011 11:57 pm

Oklahoma State Senior
40: 4.71


Has a decent first step that flashes some ability as a bull rusher. Has decent straight-line burst when coming free off the corner or on the stunt. Uses his long arms to get leverage at the point of attack vs. the run. Can wrap up and drag down ballcarrier at the point of attack. Is active in pursuit and can take pretty good angles when defending the flat. Shows some ability to drop off in coverage.


Doesn't have the first step to beat the blocker off the edge or around the corner. Doesn't really bend well as a rusher. Typically gets a poor jump off the snap. Struggles to get off blocks and lacks any real pass rush moves. Tries to run around blockers off the edge. Needs to improve his recognition when playing the run in space. Not natural moving in space and needs to polish up his backpedal and footwork when he drops off into coverage. Doesn't do a good job breaking down when trying to make the tackle.


Chinasa has a long, tall frame with long arms. He looks the part of an NFL rusher, but is not an impact playmaker. He first caught my eye as a sophomore, where he had a couple of good games. But over the past two seasons I saw very little progress and he was just a guy for the most part in Oklahoma State's defense. A three-year starter that combined for 23.5 tackles for loss and 12.5 sacks in that span.


Chinasa has the body and athleticism that teams really like in their defensive end prospects, but he's not a good player. He is probably a better fit playing outside linebacker because despite being 265 pounds, he's not physical enough to play on the line. If he was to bulk up some more and play at around 275, I think he could make a home for himself in a rotation. But he's a mediocre pass rusher that lacks the burst, bend, and technique to impact there. He's a guy that won't be more than a 2-3 sack guy at that position. PLaying outside linebacker he shows a bit more potential. He won't be an impact pass rusher there, but with his athleticism, he could be a decent backup if developed. He only really projects as a reserve player, and he's going to have to perform on special teams early on to get that needed development time. The player I would compare him to is Pierre Woods, who was an decent backup in New England, but lacked the upside to really be developed as a starter.


Chinasa would just be a body in Atlanta as a defensive end. He is not a better option than Sidbury or Davis as the No. 4 defensive end. He needs time to improve vs. the run, and even more time before he can make any real impact on passing downs. He's a body that could make the practice squad for a year or two and then develop into a rotation guy in a few years, but he has very little upside to be anything more than an average backup and unlikely to stick beyond a few years afterwards.


At best, Chinasa is worth a seventh round pick, but he's really a better value as an undrafted free agent because of his long development time and lack of upside.

1-poor, 2-weak, 3-above average, 4-very good, 5-elite

Strength: 2.5
Quickness: 2.5
Pass Rush: 2.0
Point Of Attack: 2.5
Recognition: 2.0
Motor: 3.0
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