Ray Dominguez, OG/OT, Arkansas

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Ray Dominguez, OG/OT, Arkansas

Postby Pudge » Sun Apr 10, 2011 2:39 pm

Arkansas Senior
40: 5.30


Has good size and uses it well to get position because he's so hard to get around. Can pull and hits most of his assignments, able to engulf the defender at the point of attack due to his size. Has decent pop and will initiate contact in pass protection and as a run blocker. Shows ability to match up with power players inside.


Had poor and sloppy footwork. Opens up his stance and struggles matching up with speed on the edge. Will slide his feet and struggles to adjust in space because of it. Can be susceptible to flags when lining up on the outside. Doesn't play with great pop and is more effective as a run blocker because of his size. Will take a false step off the snap as a run blocker, limiting his pop. Doesn't drive defenders off the ball and needs to do a better job locking on as a run blocker. Not fluid or natural when he's on the move.


Dominguez has good size and plays on the outside at Arkansas. But he lacks the athleticism and footwork to play there at the next level. Move him inside where his size can be more of an asset going up against power. He started his first two years at the weakside tackle, which corresponds to the left tackle position in the pros, garnering 20 starts. But flipped with DeMarcus Love this past year and started 13 games at strong tackle. Hails from Bainbridge, GA.


Dominguez shows good potential as an interior player. He is mostly effective because of his size rather than having great technique, pop, or skill. But if he can be polished up in those areas, then he can improve. He's the type of guy that does well in a short area. His experience playing outside will allow him to add depth there, but moving him to right tackle in the pros will cause him to struggle there. He just doesn't have the footwork and hand use to match up there. He could play there in a pinch in the case of injuries, but he's more of a guard. If he starts to play with consistent pop and hand placement, he can be a very good run blocker on the inside. He's so big and physical that if he can get leverage and get his hands on you, there aren't many defensive tackles in the league that can match up. He can go toe to toe and win matchups against a guy like Haloti Ngata. The problem is that at other times, his technique and lack of pop prevent him from getting leverage and he struggles to get push against a 290-pound tackle. If you can develop him for two or so years, then you have a much better chance of getting serious reps from him as a starter down the line. Ultimately I think he'll probably be an average starter that is better as depth like a Max Jean-Gilles, but occasionally will flash the ability and upside that teams want as an interior run blocker.


Dominguez is worth developing a bit for the Falcons. If Boudreau can get him to polish up his technique, footwork, and hands, then he has a chance to be a pile mover at guard for the Falcons. But more than likely, he'll have to sit for two or so years before he can be expected to make significant contributions. By his third or fourth season he should be pushing for a starting job. If not, then he should be able to add capable depth but may never put it all together where he can be a consistent option in the starting lineup. He's a bit of a project, but has enough upside to merit a look and possibly get a second contract with the team as a starter.


Dominguez is probably a bit too raw for my liking, and I'm not super optimistic that he'll reach his upside. Thus I think he's a better value in the fifth or sixth round. But I don't think he'd be considered a reach if a team snagged him in the late part of the fourth.

1-poor, 2-weak, 3-above average, 4-very good, 5-elite

Strength: 4.0
Pass Blocking: 2.5
Run Blocking: 3.5
Footwork: 2.0
Technique: 2.5
Mobility: 3.0
Mean Streak: 2.5
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