Josh Davis, OT, Georgia

Scouting reports of the centers, guards, and tackles in the 2011 Draft.
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Josh Davis, OT, Georgia

Postby Pudge » Sun Apr 10, 2011 2:39 pm

Georgia Senior
40: 5.50


Has good size and flashes some decent athleticism for his size. Can get out in front on screens and make blocks in space. Shows enough athleticism to pull and cut block some. Gets position as a run blocker. Shows some ability to redirect pass rusher in a short area. Finishes his blocks.


Is slow upon his setup and has slow feet. Opens up his stance too early and slides his feet too much. Susceptible to both speed and bull rush. Lets defenders get under his pads and doesn't have a good punch. Struggles to initiate contact consistently. Is a waist bender that gets overextended in pass protection. Doesn't play with good pop in the ground game.


Davis is a decent athlete for his size, but outside that size he doesn't bring a lot to the table. He's got slow feet and doesn't have the technique and hand use to make up for it. Doesn't play with the pop and power you expect from a guy with his size either in the ground game. He started 11 games this past year at right tackle, and 10 combined in the previous two seasons. Suffered a shoulder injury in the bowl game after sophomore year, and was forced to miss the first half of his junior year.


Davis has intriguing physical tools, but isn't that good a player. If he moves inside to guard, he might stand a better chance of making an NFL roster and sticking long-term. He just is too raw with his footwork and technique to be effective on the edge. If he can improve in those areas and strengthen his punch and hands, then he might be an OK reserve right tackle. But he has very little upside to be a starter there. His issues with footwork won't be as glaring inside at guard. If he can improve his hands, then he can be a guy that does a good job in a short area. If you can develop him for a year or two, particularly on the practice squad, then he stands a chance to developing to a decent utility player that can add depth at guard and tackle. But if he ever has to play extensive minutes, he's going to struggle. And thus, I think he'll have a hard time sticking long term. At best, he's probably a guy that could play five or six years as a backup. But at worst, he's probably a guy that is out of the league by his third summer.


Davis is mostly a body in Atlanta. He has enough ability that he might make the practice squad, but despite having some tools, he's too raw and lacking to think that the Falcons will be that impressed with his upside. There are better options going forward so even if he did make the practice squad, he probably wouldn't do much his second summer and would be cut.


Davis isn't worth drafting, but maybe a team brings him to camp and he surprises.

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