Sampson Genus, OC, South Florida

Scouting reports of the centers, guards, and tackles in the 2011 Draft.
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Sampson Genus, OC, South Florida

Postby Pudge » Fri Apr 01, 2011 10:58 am

South Florida Senior
40: 5.35e


Has quick hands off the snap to initiate contact and deliver a good punch in pass protection. Shows ability to lock on in a short area and is able to get leverage and get under a defenders pads. Plays with good base, and hard to bull rush because of his short, squat build. Is able to get on the second level and get the seal against the linebacker. Gets some push against smaller defenders and does a good job finishing his blocks.


Lack of height hurts him and he has short arms that prevent him from locking on as a run blocker. Doesn't get much pop or push and struggles to redirect defender when trying to get position. Overextends and whiffs at times on blocks and is too much of a waist bender. Needs to do a better job keeping his feet when he's blocking in space and is not natural or comfortable on the move. Has limited footwork and lacks lateral quickness to adjust in pass protection. Whiffs at times on his punch and can get beat by the swim move by the nose tackle.


Genus is short and squat, and it helps him at times, and hinders him at others. It makes it very hard to bull rush and he is effective against power. But it also means he struggles against quickness because he's only effective in a phone booth. He played some defensive tackle during his sophomore year at USF (starting 5 games), and it's not crazy to think he might have a better NFL future moving to that side of the ball. He is a decent center prospect, but an NFL longshot due to his physical limitations. Started 25 games the past two years at center at USF. His cousin is former Rams safety Jerome Carter (2005-07).


Genus is like a poor man's Nick Cole. He's got a chance to stick as a reserve center, but again because of his size limitations, he'll just be an average backup there. An AFC team might give him a better chance since he has the squat build to be able to matchup against 3-4 nose tackles. He could also make the switch to 3-4 nose tackle with his squat build being a good fit to get leverage and occupy blockers in the middle of that defense. Even so, he's probably an average backup at best that isn't going to play much, but he might have slightly higher upside. In the end, Genus is the type of player that plays in the Arena leagues and is comfortable going both ways rather than being a legit NFL player. He's a journeyman at best that is probably just practice squad fodder for most teams. His best hope is that he bounces around for a few years either on offense or defense and then eventually is a stopgap reserve down the road for a few seasons before he's eventually out of the league.


Genus is more of a body for the Falcons at center. He might have an outside shot at a practice squad spot if the team likes his toughness and if he can do a decent job playing some guard. He doesn't really project well as a defensive tackle since he's probably not going to be very disruptive.


Genus is too much of a limited project to be drafted, but he deserves a shot in somebody's camp either on offense or defense.

1-poor, 2-weak, 3-above average, 4-very good, 5-elite

Strength: 4.0
Pass Blocking: 2.5
Run Blocking: 2.5
Footwork: 2.0
Technique: 2.5
Mobility: 2.0
Mean Streak: 3.5
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